Zhanrui Tiger Ben T618 has a new machine, the Rubik’s cube “Parkour King” is here

Today’s tablet industry, just like the world of football, can be described as shining stars, each leading the way!

There are players with exquisite skills and multiple performances like “Pele”;

There are cool and handsome people with beautiful appearance, such as “Beckham”;

There is also a generation of football king “Maradona” who had six consecutive people in the 1986 World Cup and was selected as a player with comprehensive skills and fast speed in world football…

The stars are shining, who can capture the hearts of consumers the most?

Consumers’ requirements for products are getting higher and higher, especially the younger generation of fashion consumers, who want both appearance and performance. The best is a tablet that combines the speed and performance of Maradona, Beckham’s appearance and wisdom in one to win the favor of consumers.

The latest flagship tablet of Cube Rubik’s iPlay 40, officially released in early December, is undoubtedly a new generation of tablet “Parkour King” that meets the above conditions!

Zhanrui Tiger Ben T618 has a new machine, the Rubik’s cube “Parkour King” is here

Let’s first take a look at the “parkour king” Rubik’s cube iPlay 40, what excels in “running”.

Cube iPlay 40 is equipped with the powerful eight-core fast processing chip of Ziguang Zhanrui Tiger Cardiac T618, with a running score of more than 210,000 points, which can be called the “running king” of this gear. This processor uses a 12nm process technology and consists of two high-performance 2.0GHz Arm Cortex-A75s and six high-performance 2.0GHz Arm Cortex-A55s, achieving a clever balance of performance and power consumption. Among them, Cortex-A75 not only improves performance, but also enhances the CPU’s ability to handle advanced tasks. Cortex-A55 has carried out in-depth improvement and optimization for AI computing scenarios, and has improved the processing performance of neural networks by more than 6 times, allowing mainstream devices to obtain the level of intelligence of high-end processors.

Zhanrui Tiger Ben T618 has a new machine, the Rubik’s cube “Parkour King” is here

Its Bifrost architecture Mali G52 3EE game-level graphics chip, with a multi-core design, has a clock speed of up to 850MHz, supports advanced graphics technologies such as Vulkan, OpenGL ES 3.0, and has stronger graphics processing capabilities, while also bringing smoother and smoother graphics. The video decoding performance and the invigorating gaming experience. Coupled with the low-latency 60 milliseconds true radio competition headset, you can experience audiophile audio/gaming enjoyment.

On the whole, with the support of the Huben T618 fast chip, the Rubik’s Cube iPlay 40 can be said to have speed, energy, and super power saving. Whether it is running demanding 3D games or watching high-definition blockbusters, it can be fully fired. No stress!

Zhanrui Tiger Ben T618 has a new machine, the Rubik’s cube “Parkour King” is here

Let’s take a look at the “coolness” of the Cube iPlay 40.

As a flagship tablet tailor-made for young users, Cube iPlay40 not only looks stylish and beautiful, but also has a customized UI desktop with a brand-new smart experience. It can be called the “cool king” with both beauty and wisdom.

From the appearance point of view, the Cube iPlay 40 uses a 10.4-inch 2000×1200 resolution 2K full screen, full viewing angle and gorgeous high-definition, bringing a vivid and vivid picture. The ultra-narrow frame design with four sides of equal width of only about 7.8mm, the beautiful large screen makes your field of vision more open! In addition, the in-Cell full-fitting also brings a touch-on and fast-touch response experience, making your “pointing” on the screen every time a pleasure.

Zhanrui Tiger Ben T618 has a new machine, the Rubik’s cube “Parkour King” is here

From the point of view of workmanship, the Cube iPlay40 also has an industrial-grade design. The rear cover is equipped with an in-molded magnesium alloy roll cage like an F1 racing car, which brings a strong and slim body.

Zhanrui Tiger Ben T618 has a new machine, the Rubik’s cube “Parkour King” is here

At the same time, Cube iPlay 40 has a new design of user-friendly UI based on Android 10. It changes the cumbersomeness of opening the app drawer when searching for apps in the native system, and the desktop can accommodate all apps. The addition of detailed functions such as reading mode, eye protection mode, and network speed Display makes the tablet experience even better. Allow users to experience a more friendly integrated desktop interaction.

In addition to the above excellent performance, the 8 million pixel autofocus of Cube iPlay 40, excellent camera ability, can record a good life at any time; equipped with BOX sound cavity four speakers, equipped with smart SMART power amplifier chip, high frequency is bright, low frequency is full; 6000mAH The large battery and the intelligent power-saving function of the Tiger Card T618, the local video playback life has reached an astonishing 10 hours; it supports dual-on and dual-standby high-definition calls, high-speed 2.4+5G dual-band WiFi+Bluetooth 5.0 low-power transmission, high-speed interconnection, and The world is in your hands…

Want to replicate “Maradona + Beckham” in football is unlikely. However, in the tablet industry, Maradona, Beckham and the “king of parkour”-Cube iPlay 40, are in the “year of play”.

Note: The product description, test items and product pictures in this article are from the official website of Cube.

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