Zhang Tongxu of China Mobile: 5G public network has the advantage of low cost and high performance compared with private network

At the 2019 China Radio Conference held yesterday, Zhang Tongxu, president of China Mobile Research Institute, delivered a speech and introduced that the ultimate goal of 5G construction is SA networking. Now we are doing related work, laying a good start for the development of 5G SA network.

Zhang Tongxu said that the greatest value of 5G commercial use is still in vertical industries. China Mobile is very important for 2C customers. After 5G, both 2B and 2C will be required. In recent years, the integration of cross-industry applications has been promoted and a 5G joint innovation center has been created. , more than 500 partners have joined, six major industry alliances have been formed, and hundreds of vertical industry solutions have been launched. In the next step, China Mobile will provide applications for the solution, build a “5G+” hard core capability system, empower thousands of industries, and make 5G work well.

5G aims to enter various vertical industries, and many industries have also expressed strong interest in 5G, and expect to obtain dedicated spectrum resources and build 5G private networks. Whether operators build a 5G network and use it for the industry through network slicing, or whether the industry builds its own network has sparked a lot of discussions in the second half of this year.

As the largest mobile operator, what is China Mobile’s attitude? Zhang Tongxu pointed out that some operators in Europe and the United States build private networks by leasing or by providing dedicated frequencies, but we believe that it is still advantageous to provide new technologies to different industries through the public network of operators. , such as speed guarantee, reliability guarantee, etc.

How to promote the use of public networks in vertical industries in the 5G era? Zhang Tongxu said that the public network can improve my country’s spectrum utilization and better achieve 5G leadership. For vertical industries, it can reduce costs and improve performance. It is hoped that in the future, the industry will increase research on vertical industry applications and work together to jointly promote the development of 5G.

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