When Samsung submits the data to the US, China Chip will have no secrets!

According to the requirements of the United States, on November 8, chip giants such as TSMC, Intel, Infineon, Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron must hand over data such as chip inventory, orders, and sales records.

Prior to this, South Korea and Taiwan semiconductor Manufacturing Co. expressed their opposition. They felt that they would not be able to protect the confidential information of customers, and that they would greatly reduce their bargaining power. This is not OK for themselves or for customers.

However, Samsung and TSMC later became soft and said they would hand in the numbers as scheduled, but TSMC said that some sensitive data will not be given, but as for whether it is true or not, then it is not known, it depends on 11. August 8th.

Many netizens are gloating about this, saying that TSMC, Samsung, etc. have become lambs to be slaughtered. If you hand in these data, then Intel may benefit from it, etc…

But let me say, don’t take pleasure in the misfortune, if these semiconductor giants really handed in these data, we will not get the slightest benefit, but China’s core has no secrets at all.

To give the simplest example, if TSMC really handed over these data, then you can see how many chips Huawei has found TSMC to make at a glance, plus Huawei’s shipments, etc., you can calculate Huawei’s chip inventory at a glance. What is the amount?

Similarly, not only Huawei, as long as the United States is willing, all Chinese manufacturers find how many chips these giants have purchased, how many chips they have manufactured, and what kind of chips are they, so as long as they cooperate with the market shipments, everyone has everything There are no secrets in the inventory.

It should be understood that these data can involve all chips, not only CPU, but also memory, etc., which are very large domestic imports and are particularly dependent on imports.

Once all of this information and data are in the control of the United States, if the other party has a crooked idea, they can carry out precise strikes at any time, and they will hit one by one, and you will die.

So, everyone don’t gloat. This is not a crisis of TSMC, Samsung and other companies, but a crisis of China’s core. This is really not alarmist.

It depends on the extent to which the data of these companies will be submitted in the end. If there are really no reservations, you will know how serious the consequences will be if you think about it.

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