What are the characteristics of the 16 new cybersecurity forces? 2021 Security Maker Exchange Contestant Introduction (Part 1)

On July 25th, the first star competition (first half) of 2021 Security Maker Exchange was held in Beijing. A total of 16 network security start-up projects brought on-site PK with innovative and characteristic security solutions. Let’s get to know each other together. Check out these cybersecurity recruits.

Players who advance to the top 5

Beijing Andy Technology Co., Ltd.

#Industrial control security, shooting range, situational awareness

Project introduction: Beijing Andy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, focusing on the research and development of industrial network security technology, products and services under the background of networking, digitization and intelligence. It is a scientific and technological leader in the industrial network security industry. The company’s core team has more than 10 years of rich experience in industrial control, automation, informatization, network attack and defense, etc., advocating the corporate culture of “integrity, focus, excellence, and sharing”, and is committed to building morality and soul, and innovation. Antiy Technology has the courage to explore the ubiquitous, integrated, cross-domain, complex and collaborative nature of industrial network security, and makes good use of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analysis. Based on the theory of network behavior, establish a business behavior model of industrial control systems in key industries, and explore its innovative applications with industrial network security technologies, products, and services. It has developed more than 10 products in four categories, namely, Dixie, Dique, Didao, and Dikun; developed comprehensive integrated solutions covering power, petroleum and petrochemical, coal, tobacco, rail transit, intelligent manufacturing and other industries; oriented to key information infrastructure Typical users have launched professional services such as risk assessment, penetration testing, offensive and defensive drills, security training, security operation and maintenance, and emergency response.

Beijing Detective Technology Co., Ltd.

#Cloud native security, container security

Project introduction: Detective Technology focuses on providing full-stack endogenous cloud-native security solutions. The true detection solution is rooted in the entire life cycle of cloud-native applications. It empowers security capabilities such as image security, container runtime anomaly detection, automatic container reinforcement, intelligent micro-isolation, and application security through artificial intelligence, and integrates these security capabilities. Ability to automatically embed CI/CD processes to help customers implement DevSecOps. In the increasingly complex environment of cloud scenario threats, it helps enterprises fully release the advantages of cloud native, realize the security of assets, applications, and data life cycle on the cloud, and escort the digital transformation of enterprises.

Beijing Xinglan Technology Co., Ltd.


Project introduction: Beijing Xinglan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinglan Technology) was established in November 2018 and is headquartered in Beijing. It is a network security technology company with security attack and defense technology as the core and data intelligence as the drive. It is committed to making intelligent security capabilities guard every network call. Faced with a series of difficult problems in enterprise API security construction, Xinglan Technology has created an all-round and multi-domain API protection solution, which protects customers’ API assets and data assets through unified API management and control, API risk discovery, and API real-time monitoring technology. convoy. At present, it has realized the coverage of network security, data security, API security, application business security and other fields, forming an information security industry ecosystem.

Beijing Optimus Xinan Technology Co., Ltd.

#automobile information security

Project introduction: Established in September 2020, Kinsky Principal is a professional automotive information security solution provider, dedicated to providing vehicle information security products and services for car companies and suppliers. The network security management system and vehicle intrusion detection and defense system independently researched and developed by DynaSky Principal have opened up the closed loop of vehicle-end protection, cloud monitoring, and emergency response, providing car companies and suppliers with a complete system of vehicle information security construction and vehicle defense, integration regulatory capacity.

Beijing Shuanxing Technology Co., Ltd.

#data operation security

Project introduction: Beijing Shuanxing Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shuanxing” for short) is a new generation of zero trust data security technology innovation company focusing on data operation security (Zero Trust DataSecOps). The company won the China Information Association 2020-2021 China Network Information A security innovation enterprise, a Chinese network security startup company HOT51, and was selected into the IDC “China Data Security Market Research” report. The core team has an average of more than ten years of experience in data security products, R&D, markets and services, and has gained a lot of experience in related fields. A software copyright and invention patent. The company’s core products are based on the principle of zero-trust data security and driven by artificial intelligence technology. Without changing the network architecture and business, they can automatically discover and identify data security risks in the process of data operations, and implement adaptive Protection strategy, build a scenario-based data operation security risk analysis and protection system, effectively protect government data, personal privacy data and business secret data, so that data can safely create value.

11 outstanding innovative players participating in the competition

(In no particular order, in order of speech)

North Asia Enterprise Security Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

#Data storage security

Project introduction: Beiya Qi’an Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., established in 2015 with a share capital of 2 million yuan, is a national high-tech enterprise. Beiya is the first group of companies specializing in data security and rescue services in China. It was formerly composed of some experts from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Career Recognition Center. Training and standardization of storage security professional engineers in enterprises and society. Beiya has been entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Career Recognition Center to provide data security technical training to Lenovo Group, China University of Science and Technology, the State Security Bureau (part), and the National Security Bureau (part).

Beijing Titanium Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

#threat isolation

Project introduction: Beijing Titanium Digital Security Technology Co., Ltd. is determined to become a leader in Internet threat isolation. The core members of the company come from well-known technical experts in the fields of network security, cloud computing, and virtualization, such as VMware, NSFOCUS, Neusoft Group, CNCERT, and Infogo. In order to solve the problem of the root cause of network security incidents, through years of technology accumulation and precipitation, Titanium Data Security is based on “Remote Browser Isolation (one of the top 10 security technologies by Gartner for many years)” as the core technology , independently developed the Titanium Email Isolation Cloud Protection Platform, Titanium Website Isolation Cloud Protection Platform and Titanium Internet Threat Isolation Cloud Protection Platform and other security products and services, which improve the overall security of customers by isolating the access from the visitors. ability to effectively respond to cyber threats. At present, the products and services of Titanium Data Security have been applied in the government, finance, military, military industry, operators, energy, aviation, universities and other industries, and have been highly affirmed and evaluated by industry customers.

Beijing Zhiren Zhixin Security Technology Co., Ltd.

#deceptive defense

Project introduction: Beijing Zhiren Zhixin Security Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Zhixin Security”), established on October 28, 2014, is a leading provider of information security products and services in China The information security system of the soul”. Headquartered in Beijing, it has branches in Shanghai, offices in Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Xi’an; it has 5 departments including comprehensive administration, finance, marketing center, technology research and development, and security services.

The business content includes: R&D and implementation of mimetic deception defense technology products, network security early warning monitoring services, security assurance services, etc. It provides products and services for state-owned units and group enterprises, and is the only network security supplier recommended by the financial company industry.

Beijing Blue Whale Principal Technology Co., Ltd.

#container security

Project introduction: Beijing Blue Whale Principal Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Blue Whale”) is China’s first one-stop solution provider for network and system security in a container environment.

The Bwins series container security management software independently developed by Blue Whale includes multiple modules including container vulnerability scanning, container virus scanning, container cloud platform security baseline management, runtime protection, identity management, container bastion machine, container situational awareness, container security center, etc. , is currently the most comprehensive container cloud platform security protection solution. While filling the blank of domestic related products, it also declared a number of national invention patents. While Bwins products have mainstream scanning and detection functions, they also focus on the security protection function of the container platform. Combined with the product concept of “zero trust”, Bwins products can finely authorize the host behavior, container behavior, operation behavior, etc. in the container platform. All unauthorized behavior is blocked. It can effectively protect against attacks such as viruses, malicious programs, malicious scripts, and malicious remote connections in the container.

Beijing Anyu Daohe Technology Co., Ltd.

#IoT security, password security, identity authentication

Project introduction: Beijing Anyu Daohe Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Anyu Daohe) was established in April 2015. Based on cryptographic technology, Anyu Daohe focuses on IoT information security, and builds three major product lines with IoT security, basic passwords and identity authentication as the core, forming a platform that supports massive billion-level key management platforms, IoT security service platforms, Trusted service management platform and intelligent identity authentication platform are four core products.

Beijing Future Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

#Threat detection and response

Project introduction: Beijing Future Zhian Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2020, focuses on the development of extended threat detection and response products and solutions, and has successively won the world-renowned investment institutions, Sequoia Capital Angel Investment and Tencent’s billion-level venture capital. Founder Tang Jiajia, who was the product director of Qi’anxin Tianyan from 2015 to 2020, responsible for the overall planning and product management of the Tianyan product line, rich network security background and industry accumulation of keen security market vision, excellent security product planning and design experience and management ability.

Beijing Dayou Chengan Technology Co., Ltd.

#AI & Zero Trust

Project introduction: Beijing Dayou Chengan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. It is an artificial intelligence, zero-trust innovative technology company focusing on the information security industry. The company is located in Beijing and has a technical sales office in Guangzhou. The company’s “Yunan” team has provided IAM solution consultation, product development, technical training and service delivery for China Mobile and China Unicom customers in the telecommunications industry. Through years of technical accumulation, products with independent intellectual property rights have been officially launched since 2019: “Application Identity and Access Management System IAM”, “Baseline Configuration Compliance Management System BCVS”, “OTP Dynamic Token Authentication Management System NKEY”, “Private Cloud” Products such as Security Protection Supervision, Inspection and Analysis System CS” and “Intelligent Application Access Fortress System APPGW”.

Beijing Chain Review Technology Co., Ltd.


Project Introduction: A full-process blockchain security company that only serves law enforcement agencies and provides digital asset tracking, monitoring, investigation support, identification, and asset disposal

Zhongyun Network Security Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Project introduction: After 18 years of algorithm research and algorithm training, Zhongyun Network Security took the lead in applying machine learning algorithms to the field of web security protection. It is driven by the core patent algorithm, and by learning the multiple logics of the protected object, it creates an exclusive self-security immune model for it, and establishes a comprehensive web security protection platform with self-growth ability. AI web protector platform. Today, with the surge of global attack and defense pressure, the AI ​​Web Defender platform turns zero-day protection without delay into reality, creating a new era of “zero vulnerabilities, zero false positives, and zero risks” for security protection.

Beijing Zhongan Netstar Technology Co., Ltd.

#AD Domain Security Protection

Project introduction: Beijing Zhongan Netstar Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2020. It is a software and service provider focusing on solving lateral movement threats and AD domain security protection issues for enterprises with intelligent security operation solutions. Co-founded by industry elites from well-known security companies such as Zhichuangyu and Moan Technology. With years of technology accumulation in the field of information security, Zhongan Netstar independently developed and produced “Intelligent Security Manager” and a series of security protection solutions. This series of solutions is guided by security operation goals and based on the integration of people, processes, technology and data, forming a set of standardized and predictable Windows AD domain security solutions. In the future, Zhongan Netstar will continue to cultivate in the field of lateral movement security detection and protection, and is committed to providing domestic enterprises with more comprehensive security protection capabilities.

Beijing Tongyu Technology Co., Ltd.

#iot security

Project introduction: Beijing Tongyu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research on basic technology of Internet of Things security, the design, development and sales of Internet of Things security products, and the design and service of comprehensive security protection solutions in Internet of Things scenarios.

The company is located in the high-tech industrial base of Haidian District. It is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state and a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun. It has passed the ISO/IEC27001 information security management certification, and has the information security service qualification certificate issued by the China Information Security Certification Center and the China Communications Enterprise Association. The communication network security service capability assessment certificate issued is the security support unit of the two national vulnerability databases of CNVD and CNNVD, and a member unit of the “Industrial Internet Industry Alliance”.

The 2021 Security Maker Exchange semi-final (second half) will be held in the near future. A total of ten security innovation companies will be selected for the finals at the Beijing Cyber ​​Security Conference on August 11.

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