Wanwei robot escorts intelligent security work

Vicor, a high-power modular power supply company, recently announced that its power modules have been successfully applied to Wanwei security robots, allowing robots to show their talents in tasks such as security protection, patrol monitoring, disaster monitoring, and harmful gas monitoring. Wanwei Robot has more than 60 core patents. It has jointly developed the first intelligent security service robot in China with its partners and independently developed a security patrol robot and system, providing customers with mobile robots and related R&D and manufacturing application solutions.

The security robot is a complex system involving chassis control, sensing, data acquisition and transmission, and background monitoring. The hardware system includes gimbal, infrared thermal imager, visible light camera, lidar, laser vibrometer, night vision light, navigation module, four-wheel drive chassis and antenna. The servo steering gear of the security robot is the power center of the robot, and the power conversion module supplies power for this and ensures the stable and reliable operation of the servo steering gear.

Due to the complex working environment of security robots, there are higher requirements in terms of endurance, volume, operational reliability and heat dissipation. Therefore, how to ensure stable power supply and long-term reliable operation of the system is the direction that engineers have been working hard for. Vicor’s power supply meets the needs of related system design.

In the security robot system launched this time, Vicor PI3526 and PI3740 power modules are used. The 48V battery is used to power the system. The 48V power is converted into the 24V voltage required by the four steering servo servos through the PI3740. The current of each wheel is about 4A. , and also supply power for backup battery through PI3740; PI3526 converts 48V power supply to 12V to supply power to system processor.

Vicor’s power modules are small in size, high in efficiency, high in integration, wide in input voltage, and highly flexible, meeting the system power supply requirements of security robots for power modules. Even if product specifications and terminal models change, there is no need to change the power supply design. , reducing BOM management costs. At the same time, less peripheral devices are required for system design, and the distributed heat dissipation design improves the reliability and consistency of system operation.

It is believed that with the continuous improvement of technical level, security robots will be used in more key and sensitive areas, such as prisons, airports, industrial parks, rescue and disaster relief and other scenarios, to reduce the occurrence of accidents and reduce the loss of life and property.

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