USB Type-C Linear Mux/DeMux ReDriver with built-in Diodes Incorporated USB-C detector to restore signal integrity and reduce latency

[Plano, Texas, April 15, 2020]Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) today announced the PI3EQX10612/PI3EQX10312 10Gbps dual-port linear ReDriver™ devices, including built-in USB-C in devices using the USB Type-C® interface ® Detection function. The ReDriver provides 1:2/2:1 mux/demux capability, which can be used to extend the transmission range of USB signals on PCB soft and hard boards used in game consoles, notebooks, desktops, tablets and other consumer product applications.

As the speed of serial buses such as USB continues to increase, ReDrivers and reset timers/repeaters are required to overcome the problems of signal integrity and transmission loss. While reset timers typically terminate the signal before retransmitting, causing significant delays, the PI3EQX10612/PI3EQX10312 ReDriver amplifies the signal while maintaining the same operating speed as the bus. The hard drive in the enhanced configuration allows the serial bus to pass through considerable lengths of PCB traces without loss of signal; the resulting compensating channel loss in dB is equivalent to a measurable increase in the length of the PCB trace.

PI3EQX10612/PI3EQX10312 are fully compliant with SB3.2Gen 2 and Gen1 ultra-high-speed standards, provide adjustable linear equalization, output amplitude and flat gain, reduce intersymbol interference, and provide automatic sleep mode to enable adaptive power management. ReDriver uses pre-enhancement at the transmission point to help compensate for channel loss, exhibits high reliability and low bit error rate at the receiver, and is controlled using the I2C interface or pin control. The PI3EQX10312 provides additional features, including plug-in detection for the USB-C connector and Vconn for active power delivery lines.

Both the PI3EQX10312 and PI3EQX10612 are available in a 42-contact TQFN-24 package (3.5mmx9mm).

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