The MTi-100 series of IMUs provide powerful support for UWB beacon systems, helping Racelogic to set new standards for indoor location measurement accuracy

Beijing, China – September 2, 2020 – Xsens today announced that Racelogic, a pioneer in vehicle position tracking technology, has implemented high-precision MTi-100 series inertial measurement units (IMUs) in its new VBOX indoor positioning system (VIPS) product. Best indoor precision in the industry.

The VIPS technology developed by Racelogic is designed to measure the position of vehicles or other mobile assets that are beyond the coverage of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite signals. The enhanced GPS/GLONASS receiver used in this technology achieves an accuracy error of ±2 cm outdoors under any automotive operating conditions, and is now equivalent indoors.

Racelogic is a long-time Xsens customer and has been using Xsens sensors in its products since 2005. Julian Thomas, founder and general manager of Racelogic, said: “In developing the VIPS solution, Racelogic’s priority was to achieve industry-leading indoor accuracy in any terrain and in any driving condition – since the VBOX data acquisition system was introduced in 2001, Customers have always relied on Racelogic for superior precision.

Because of this, we chose the MTi-100 series of IMUs from Xsens. Our evaluations show that it provides the most accurate inertial sensor data of any module in its class, allowing our VIPS solution to maintain reliable accuracy over the entire measurement area. ”

The VIPS solution consists of six or more static wireless UWB (Ultra Wideband) beacons and a “roaming” module, typically mounted on top of the tracked vehicle, that contains a UWB receiver and MTi-100 series IMU. The Racelogic system achieves extreme accuracy by combining position data from beacon signal triangulation with real-time 3D acceleration and turning data provided by the MTi-100 Series IMU.

This IMU is from the high-performance MTi-100 product family of Xsens all-in-one sensor modules. Its product features include:

· High frequency inertial sensor data output

Reliable gyroscopes and accelerometers – sensors meet MIL-STD-202-201A/204C/214A vibration testing standards

Configurable output settings that can be synced with any third-party device

The Racelogic VIPS solution is the world’s first indoor positioning system that can seamlessly transition between GPS and indoor position measurement systems with identical accuracy in both application modes. With ±2cm measurement accuracy, the VIPS solution opens up some new indoor test use cases that were previously unattainable, including:

· Perform tire performance tests in ice rinks

Perform vehicle dynamics tests in a controlled indoor environment and on test tracks including tunnels

· Execute ADAS system and automated driving function tests in indoor test grounds

Perform automated parking function tests in multi-storey car parks

VIPS products are also ideal for tracking other mobile assets that cannot receive satellite positioning signals, such as underground mining equipment, tunneling and construction equipment, and underground rail vehicles.

In any such application, Racelogic VIPS products stand out for their flexibility, ease of use and scalability. The battery-powered beacon can be mounted on any fixed surface. For maximum accuracy, the beacon array can be located using professional surveying equipment, and the entire installation process takes about two hours. The self-positioning quick installation with a standard accuracy of ±5 cm can be completed in 30 minutes.

A VIPS array can contain up to 250 beacons, spaced up to 50 meters apart, providing great coverage.

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