The interpretation of SuperVOOC technology tells you why the label of mobile phone fast charging only belongs to OPPO?

In the second half of the mobile Internet, the development and innovation of hardware in the industry is getting smaller and smaller, APP functions are getting more and more comprehensive, the screen size is getting bigger and bigger, and the usage time and power consumption of mobile phones are getting higher and higher. Under such circumstances, the battery life of mobile phones has attracted more attention than ever before, so fast charging has also become a new focus for industrial development.

The interpretation of SuperVOOC technology tells you why the label of mobile phone fast charging only belongs to OPPO?

In the second half of the mobile Internet, the development and innovation of hardware in the industry is getting smaller and smaller, APP functions are getting more and more comprehensive, the screen size is getting bigger and bigger, and the usage time and power consumption of mobile phones are getting higher and higher. Under such circumstances, the battery life of mobile phones has attracted more attention than ever before, so fast charging has also become a new focus for industrial development.

As the leader of domestic fast charging technology, OPPO has been leading the development and breakthrough of this technology with its own actions. Recently, it was reported that the OPPO R17 Pro, which will be launched on Double 11, is equipped with the upgraded SuperVOOC super flash charging technology. So what changes have this upgrade brought? Today, let’s take a look and see what the highlights are behind this upgrade.

Technology upgrade that takes into account efficiency and safety: leading the establishment of new fast charging standards

The essence of business is to create value, and the generation and development of fast charging technology is precisely to create value for users. For users, they are most concerned about two factors, the first is the level of efficiency, and the second is whether the security can be guaranteed. Judging from the news so far, OPPO’s newly upgraded SuperVOOC super flash charging technology has achieved major breakthroughs in both aspects.

Let’s talk about efficiency first. From four years ago, “charging for 5 minutes and talking for 2 hours” to today’s R17 Pro “can be charged 40% of the total power in 10 minutes”. In terms of charging efficiency, it can be called another revolution in the field of mobile phone charging.

Why is it possible to achieve such a high-efficiency charging?

This has to mention the underlying technology on which super flash charging is based. First of all, it adopts the design of series double cells and charge pump step-down technology. According to the principle of series voltage division, two 1850mAh batteries are connected in series to form a 3700mAh battery, which eliminates the process of entering the high voltage into the mobile phone and then reducing the pressure, avoiding the loss of heat generation and efficiency. In addition, too high voltage cannot directly charge the mobile phone, and it must be stepped down. Therefore, the voltage of the dual cells is halved through the latest charge pump step-down technology. For example, the output ratio is 6V, and it is directly reduced to 3V when charging the mobile phone, so as to achieve the charging voltage that can supply power to the mobile phone.

Zhang Jun, head of the Ionosphere Laboratory of the Hardware Research Center of the OPPO Research Institute, once made an image metaphor for this new technology: “If VOOC is a highway, then a series of dual cells is to combine two highways together, which is quite Yu added an overpass and doubled the efficiency.”

Secondly, by configuring 3C ultra-high specification batteries, it provides a hardware foundation for high-current charging. You know, ordinary cells cannot withstand excessive current. This is also the reason why SuperVOOC can carry up to 5A of input current and quickly increase the charging speed.

Not only the hardware, but also the software, OPPO is also meticulously crafted, and constantly optimizes the charging system. This time, OPPO R17 is equipped with a VFC floating voltage fast algorithm. By precisely controlling the terminal voltage and current, the charging time of the last few percent of the mobile phone is greatly shortened, and the whole charging situation is greatly improved.

After talking about efficiency, let’s talk about the technical principle of super flash charging safety performance.

For the safety of SuperVOOC, a total of five security chip protections are deployed in the entire charging and discharging system, and each node of the adapter, charging cable, mobile phone, and battery has proprietary chip protection. Among them, OPPO has customized a VCU intelligent control chip. Pressure-controlled flow-controlled temperature, providing a full range of protection.

Quality is the essence, without quality, all efforts on products are equal to zero. For fast charging technology, fast charging safety is not only related to user experience, but also affects the personal and property safety of users, and is also deeply tied to the brand image, its importance is self-evident. Therefore, safety has also become the primary criterion for OPPO’s technological innovation, and OPPO’s emphasis on safety has also made the outside world feel its attitude and sincerity in making products.

In general, this OPPO technology upgrade has actually hit the most painful point in the industry. The same is the fast charging technology. OPPO has made super flash charging a sense of superiority between fast charging, which is bound to lead the establishment of a new standard in the fast charging industry, thereby promoting the development of the entire mobile phone industry.

A forward-looking layout that directly hits the pain point: creating industrial barriers based on technological advantages

Technological innovation and model innovation have always been important labels for the continuous cycle of business society. Compared with model innovation, technological innovation will take a harder road, and it requires a lot of human, material and financial investment. Therefore, smartphone innovation was once considered a luxury.

However, as the saying goes, if you don’t make a small step, you can’t go a thousand miles, and there are fewer people walking, and the more value you have, the higher the height you can reach in the future. Today, when we are admiring how the SuperVOOC super flash charging technology is leading, in fact, OPPO has been on this road for a long time.

Innovation in any industry is progressive, and smartphones are no exception. Today, when the mobile Internet has entered the deep water area, the importance of smart phones is self-evident. Whether it is the Internet of Things or artificial intelligence, or the usual food, clothing and travel, mobile phones are equipped with more and more functions, and they are also more and more power-hungry. From the current point of view, in the absence of breakthrough progress in mobile phone battery capacity, how to improve the charging speed has become the most concerned issue for mobile phone manufacturers and consumers.

OPPO has seen this industry demand a long time ago, which is exactly the case. When OPPO released Find 7 in 2014, the first generation of VOOC flash charging has been launched. There was a popular slogan at the time, “Charge for 5 minutes, talk for 2 hours” to illustrate this technology. Since then, OPPO has continued to polish its fast charging technology, and battery life and user experience have also been greatly improved.

In addition to the continuous optimization of existing solutions, OPPO has not stopped the “revolutionary” transformation of the entire charging system. At the 2016 MWC exhibition, OPPO first proposed the concept of SuperVOOC super flash charging and showed its product prototype. Until this year, this technology finally landed on its new product OPPO Find X, achieving a maximum charging power of nearly 50W, shortening the traditional VOOC charging time of one and a half hours to 35 minutes. In order to allow more users to experience the charm of flash charging, the recently launched OPPO R17 Pro is also equipped with this black technology.

The development from the first generation of VOOC flash charging to today’s SuperVOOC super flash charging can be said to be another achievement acceptance of OPPO’s long-term development in the field of fast charging. On SuperVOOC, a large number of technological innovations have been assembled. The series of dual cells, 3C specification cells, VFC floating voltage fast charging algorithm and charge pump technology have realized an efficient charging and discharging system. At the same time, five layers of safety chip protection are used for the entire charging and discharging System security escort.

The road to simplicity, the theory of technology accumulation shows that the development of technology is continuous, and the development process of technological innovation is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. That is to say, only on the basis of sufficient accumulation can technological breakthroughs be achieved. Manufacturers without deep technical accumulation are often prone to go astray, focusing on speed over safety, which leads to the security problem of fast charging of mobile phones.

From years of accumulation to today’s soaring sky, OPPO has put a lot of effort into the research and development of fast charging technology. As the first mobile phone brand to enter the field of fast charging, OPPO has a first-mover advantage, which also makes fast charging a unique brand label of OPPO. Although there are many imitations in the industry, as of now, OPPO’s technical barriers and brand recognition barriers have been established, which is bound to bring a huge defense force to the company.

Authoritative institutions act as endorsements: VOOC flash charging trust value is fully demonstrated

Users in any industry lack one thing – a sense of security, and the information asymmetry between the B-side and the C-side has existed for a long time. At this time, companies need an endorsement that can convince the majority of users to give them a “sense of security”, and OPPO’s VOOC fast charging technology already has a highly valuable endorsement of trust in two aspects.

On the one hand, the trust endorsement comes from the user word-of-mouth effect.

Just as people look at user reviews when shopping online or ordering takeout, for understanding a product, people tend to rely more heavily on the evaluations of other users than their own senses. Therefore, having a good user reputation is often easier to gain user trust and realize transactions.

According to relevant information, since OPPO released the first generation of VOOC fast charging, there have been more than 100 million fast charging consumers in the market, and there has been great feedback and guarantee for safety and user experience. It is precisely because of the convenience of fast charging that it has such a large sales volume. It can be said that the two are the cause and effect of each other, so that OPPO’s technology continues to receive positive feedback.

On the other hand, a trust endorsement from an authority.

Authority has a natural ability to voluntarily obey, and it is also a key factor that enables users to quickly achieve trust.

At present, OPPO’s two SuperVOOC-equipped products, the Find X SuperVOOC version and the R17 Pro, have both passed the safety certification of the Rheinland Laboratory in Germany. As one of the world’s largest product quality certification authorities, this means that SuperVOOC has passed strict European safety standards.

At the same time, in the evaluation of the overall quality of charging such as fast charging speed, safety, charging temperature and green efficiency, the technology has been awarded five-star certification by Thiel Labs. It is understood that VOOC flash charging is the first fast charging technology that has successfully passed the five-star evaluation of fast charging in China’s Taier Laboratory, and Taier Laboratory is the first organization in the world to formulate mobile fast charging standards, which also highlights OPPO’s industry leadership in safe and fast charging.

It can be seen that from user word of mouth to authoritative agency certification, OPPO’s VOOC flash charging technology strength has been fully proved. Whether it is charging efficiency or safety, OPPO has withstood many tests. The OPPO R17 Pro equipped with super flash charging will also be on sale on Double 11, dedicated to allowing users to enjoy the dual experience of fast and safe, which is worthy of our expectation.

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