The Industry’s Smallest, Flusso Introduces the FLS110 MEMS Flow Sensor

According to Memes Consulting, Flusso, a start-up company located in Cambridge, UK, recently launched a new flow sensor FLS110, with a size of only 3.5 mm × 3.5 mm, known as the world’s smallest MEMS flow sensor.

Currently, target applications for flow sensors include: active filter monitoring for vacuum cleaners, air conditioning units and other consumer appliances, pipe blockage detection for industrial and household gas detection products and systems, and gas pump monitoring and control for consumer and industrial applications. controls, and portable medical devices such as smart inhalers, fitness monitoring masks, and more.

Source: Baidu

Flusso’s flow sensors utilize a CMOS MEMS silicon-based platform with additional programmability and configurability. The flow sensor is packaged and assembled using microelectronics technology to provide high performance and scalability for the manufacture of tens of millions of parts per month.

The sensor measures flow in a bypass configuration over a wide measurement range from 0.001 standard liter/min to over 500 standard liter/min. At the same time, the sensor provides a fully temperature compensated signal.

Based on application requirements, design guidelines, and application engineering support, Flusso provides firmware and software to configure and customize different FLS110 operating modes to help customers shorten the development cycle of new products.

The FLS110 is packaged in a 6-pin DFN package, reflowed, and shipped on tape and reel by an automated product assembly line.

Flusso offers samples of the FLS110 now, along with product evaluation kits. The product will start mass production in the first half of 2021.

Flusso was established in 2016 as a spin-off from the University of Cambridge to develop flow sensing solutions for low-cost, high-volume applications. In mid-2020, Flusso closed its heavily oversubscribed Series A round of $5.7 million, while the UK and many other countries were locked in. The investment capital will allow the company to put its FLS110 flow sensor into mass production.

Co-founded by Prof. Florin Udrea (co-founder of CamSemi, Cambridge CMOS Sensors, Cambridge Microelectronics and Cambridge GaN Devices), Prof. Julian Gardner (co-founder of Cambridge CMOS Sensors and Sorex), Dr. John Coull and Dr. Andrea De Luca, the company All sensor experts have extensive semiconductor industry experience.

In addition, Flusso invited Robert Swann, an entrepreneur with extensive experience running semiconductor startups, to serve as chairman, as well as Cleopatra Cabuz, former Honeywell VP of Technology and Partnerships for Safety and Productivity Solutions, to join the company.

The company raised $5.7 million in Series A funding in June 2020 to mass-produce what Flusso claims is the world’s smallest MEMS flow sensor. The round was led by Parkwalk Advisors and Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund, with participation from 24 Haymarket, Cambridge Enterprise, Martlet and Cambridge Angels.

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