The importance of computer network security management cannot be ignored

(Article source: Consumer Guide Magazine)
With the wide application of the current computer network technology, the development of various fields is more and more dependent on the computer network. The application of computer network technology can improve the overall work efficiency and promote the good development of the application field. But from another level, there is also this security problem in the application of computer network. This article will analyze the application of computer network technology, and discuss the security problems and network security defense measures in the application of computer network technology.

The types of security risks in the actual application of computer networks are relatively diverse, which requires consideration from multiple perspectives to improve the defense capability of network security and ensure the overall security performance of the network. For computer network security problems, we must be able to take targeted defense methods to deal with them.

In the process of computer network security management work, there are actual needs. Strengthening computer network security management work can ensure the security and integrity of information. With the continuous improvement of computer systems, computer network technology has been applied in many fields, and it plays an important role in agriculture, industry, and life. It is more important to ensure the application security of computer networks. Only by strengthening the level of computer network security management can the overall security of the computer network be guaranteed. The amount of information in the computer network is showing a trend of explosive growth. The security management of the computer network is to protect the user’s information security and improve the security of information transmission. Strengthening these basic levels can help the computer network. The overall management quality level of safety.

In the application process of computer network technology, due to the characteristics of sharing and openness of the network, it is easy to be attacked by network viruses during the operation of the computer network, which has a huge impact on the information security of users. Under normal circumstances, computer viruses are compiled by criminals, hide them in normal files, and infect computers in the network through network transmission, resulting in damage or loss of files in the computer, and serious network system paralysis. Some vicious network viruses can be spread through file download. Once infected with these viruses, it will cause certain damage to the computer system and related programs. Some viruses can spread not only through the Internet, but also through the local area network, which can cause the entire local area network to be paralyzed in a short time.

Computer network hardware equipment is the basic condition to ensure the safe operation of computer network, and also plays a vital role in maintaining computer network security. Therefore, when the computer network hardware equipment has security risks or defects, it will directly endanger the computer network security. The leakage of user information in computer networks caused by Electronic radiation is the most common security risk in computer network hardware devices, and it is also the main factor that causes network security management problems. In addition, as a physical signal line for computer data transmission, feedback, and communication, the signal channel of its information data also has certain security risks, which allows hackers to steal user information.

A large number of statistical data show that computer software vulnerabilities caused by computer network security incidents account for a considerable proportion of computer network security incidents. Traditional computer software should have strict security review during development, installation and use. However, some software development companies put vulnerable software into computer networks without authorization in order to pursue profits, increasing the potential risk of computer network security incidents. Therefore, the development of computer software should focus on the security of the software, and strictly check whether the developed software complies with the regulations on computer network security. At the same time, network security management agencies should also strictly enforce the power of network supervision, and strengthen the quality control of software approval for entry into the market.

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