TE Connectivity Introduces New Fiber Optic Flexible Circuit Cable Assemblies for Aerospace and Defense Electronics Packaging

Shanghai, China, December 6, 2019 – TE Connectivity (“TE”), a technology leader in global connectivity and sensing, has launched a newly developed fiber optic flexible circuit cable assembly. These compact, robust fiber optic circuits provide a multi-fiber management solution for high-speed Electronic packaging. Tailored for card-to-card and backplane applications, TE’s new fiber optic flex circuits are ruggedized for harsh aerospace, commercial, and defense systems.

Fiber optic flex circuits consist of thousands of individual fibers precisely positioned on a solid substrate that utilizes patch cords to minimize stress while maximizing the opportunity for complex wiring arrangements. Films that encapsulate individual fibers help provide greater protection in harsh environments and enable high-density packaging, saving valuable space. Controlled fiber optic circuit routing with computer numerical control (CNC) machines improves durability and reduces insertion loss.

“These new multipurpose fiber optic circuits are designed for a variety of aerospace and defense applications,” said Christophe Prel, product manager for TE’s global aerospace, defense and marine business unit. “The design, connection, and routing of fiber optic cable assemblies provides a variety of options to help design People have the flexibility to maximize performance and design solutions based on their needs.”

Fiber optic flex circuits simplify wiring by managing large numbers of fibers in a small space. They can accommodate up to 12 stacked layers and 6 fiber crossover layers.

To learn more about TE’s fiber optic flex circuits, visit te.com/optical-flex

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