South Korea’s SK Telecom announces that it has developed 5G antenna control technology

On the 15th, SK Telecom and Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) announced that they have developed and applied for a patent for 5G antenna control technology.

The pair of technologies maintains call quality in the ultra-high 28GHz spectrum 5G by controlling the electrical characteristics of the antenna.

UHF reception sensitivity is affected by the way a user holds a smartphone or the angle of their head, but the technology was developed to counteract that, they said. Improving the reception sensitivity also reduces the power consumption of the smartphone.

Ultra-high frequency spectrum such as 28GHz requires components to be placed in a smaller area compared to LTE, and SK Telecom and POSTECH said they also took this into account when completing the commercial launch tests.

SK Telecom, along with compatriots KT and LG Uplus, is also gearing up to launch 5G in South Korea in March. The company added Huawei to its list of equipment suppliers last September.

SK Telecom is a close ally of Samsung Electronics and cooperates extensively with them on 5G equipment research.

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