Solution for nursing care system of orphanage based on ZigBee technology

An Introduction

● Aging problem: A problem facing the world, but China is one of the countries with the largest number of elderly people and the fastest aging rate in the world. According to statistics from the National Office on Aging, the population of our country over the age of 60 has exceeded 170 million, and it will increase to more than 400 million by 2050. Welfare homes and elderly apartments are relatively concentrated places for the elderly, and it is indispensable to establish a complete and intelligent care system.

● Orphanage program: It is a practical system designed and developed by using the most advanced Zigbee wireless technology, combining smart card, sensor and embedded system technology, with a combination of software and hardware. The frequency band used by the system: The 2.4G ISM free frequency band that does not need to be applied for is used to meet the relevant national regulations for 2.4G channel wireless products. The back-end monitoring software integrates GIS (Geographic Information System), database, graphical interface and other technical applications, adopts modular design, and functional modules can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements.

Solution system composition

A: The system includes four parts:

■ Intelligent radio frequency terminal (including wireless identification card, wireless bed sensor, etc.)

■ Locator card reader unit (including wireless area locator, access control linkage controller, access judgment controller, etc.)

■ Backbone network unit (including positioning controller, wireless network node, wireless network controller, etc.)

■ Background monitoring software

B: Solution hardware equipment


■ It is used to receive the information reported by all tags in its control coverage area, and transmit it to the backbone network through wired or wireless direction after internal processing. The internal uses a highly integrated Zigbee micro-power wireless module

■ The positioning coverage can reach 100M, and the wireless communication with the center can reach 1000M, and the signal coverage can be adjusted according to the actual application area by adding a directional antenna

■ Automatically report equipment status information at regular intervals.Used for equipment fault detection

■ Wireless networking can be used between the positioning card reader and the central base station, and RS485 or RS232 wired interface can be provided

■ Using embedded system design, can work independently without the network

■ Built-in relay output module can be used for access control

Central base station:

■ Generally used in positioning controllers, wireless network nodes, and wireless network controllers

■ Built-in high-performance single-chip microcomputer or ARM9 processor integrated Zigbee micro-power wireless module to meet large data volume processing and forwarding

■ Use wired or wireless connection to the subordinate positioning card reader unit

■ The coverage of a single station can reach 1000M, and the signal coverage can be adjusted according to the actual application area

■ Wireless central base station can use wireless ad hoc network, data relay transmission

■ The wireless center base station is connected to the background computer by RS232, RS485, network cable or optical fiber

Wrist terminal:

■ 2.4G free frequency band, automatic timing report status information, communication distance up to 100M

■ Using high-strength waterproof and wear-resistant ABS plastic, easy to reuse

■ Actively report low voltage information when the battery capacity is low

■ Adopt sophisticated wireless smart chip, low power consumption design, healthy and environmentally friendly

■ Integrate and install a vibration sensor, collect and transmit the daily activity status of the elderly through the Zigbee network

■ Alarm button design, if the elderly feel unwell, press the alarm button to remind the staff to go to the rescue

Wrist terminal (deluxe version):

■ Compared with the normal version, it integrates a vital sign sensor, which can collect body temperature/pulse/blood pressure and other vital signs of the elderly

Program features

◆ Real-time location function: Through the binding of the elderly information and the wireless identity card, the monitoring computer in the duty room of each floor can understand the location information of the elderly on the floor in real time, which is convenient for nursing. When a specific elderly person needs to be found, the real-time location of the elderly person can be determined through the background database at any time.

◆ Bed monitoring function: real-time monitoring of the bed monitor under the elderly hospital bed, through the pressure duty room of the sensor bed, you can know whether the elderly is resting in bed, if the elderly leave the bed for too long at night (specific time can be set, such as 5 minutes ) After the set alarm time, the bed monitor will immediately send an alarm to the duty room via Zigbee wireless network, prompting the nursing staff to check whether there is an accident.

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