Silicon Labs announces the establishment of high-reliability isolation cooperation with Teledyne e2v

Silicon Labs announced the establishment of a new high-reliability (HiRel) isolation partnership with Teledyne e2v HiRel. According to the new agreement, Teledyne will provide a series of new high-reliability products based on Silicon Labs’ isolation door driver technology, optimized for the space, aerospace, military, and oil and gas markets.

Teledyne e2v HiRel will sell customized high-reliability solutions based on Silicon Labs’ Si827x isolation door driver series. These solutions are optimized for aerospace, aviation, military, oil and gas, and other markets that require advanced technology and high reliability. Teledyne gate drivers based on the Si827x series will be screened and qualified by Teledyne based on specific market specifications. The initial focus is on satellite power systems that support satellite communications.

Brian Mirkin, Vice President and General Manager of Power Products of Silicon Labs, said: “The combination of Silicon Labs’ industry-leading isolation technology and Teledyne’s expertise in space and aerospace will enable high-reliability customers to achieve higher levels in their complex systems. Performance. Our proprietary silicon isolation technology is very suitable for aerospace and other professional markets that require high-performance noise immunity and flexible drivers to successfully manage high-speed switching requirements.”

The new Teledyne series based on Silicon Labs gate drivers is very suitable for GaN applications due to its faster switching rate, and provides the option of a single driver or a combination of two 4A isolated drivers in a single IC package for isolated gate drive applications. The product has high-performance anti-noise ability, eliminating the risk of fast switching speed. The high-noise transients generated by fast switching will not affect the signal integrity of the driver, thereby eliminating the risk of erroneous switching or lock-up.

Mont Taylor, vice president of business development at Teledyne e2v HiRel, said: “We expect that our customer base will have a lot of demand because we can provide this new isolation reliability advantage. Our HiRel customers are looking for powerful power solutions. We are confident that a new partnership with Silicon Labs will provide aerospace, aviation, oil and gas, and military companies with new independent door drivers to help them strengthen and strengthen their system designs.”

The 827DY4 series products based on the TelesiX2020 series will provide customized solutions. The new equipment is very suitable to be compared with Teledyne’s new family of HiRel GaN HEMTs, the TDG650 family. Applicable Teledyne parts include TDGD271DEP (Si8271GB IS), TDGD274DEP (Si8274GB1-IS1) and TDGD274FEP (Si8274GB1-IM1).

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