Siemens certifies Aprisa for TSMC 6nm

Siemens certifies Aprisa for TSMC 6nm

The Aprisa tools offer gate-level-to-GDSII hierarchical and block level physical implementation.

Siemens acquired the Aprisa tools from Avatar Integrated Systems in August 2020 to extend its portfolio of world-class IC EDA software.

To achieve this latest certification, the Aprisa tools passed a suite of criteria to confirm that the Siemens place-and-route software is ready for mutual customers to start their IC designs on the TSMC N6 process.

Under the Avatar banner, and now as a part of Siemens EDA, the Aprisa team has previously collaborated with TSMC on multiple technology nodes starting from 40nm down to 7nm.

TSMC’s certified N6 functionality is available in Aprisa 20.1.rel.2 and later versions. Aprisa 20.1.rel.2 is available now from Siemens Digital Industries Software.