Samsung is on fire again this time, and the third-generation HBM2E video memory with a single maximum capacity of 16GB is on the market

A few days ago, Samsung officially announced the launch of the third-generation HBM2 (HBM2E) memory chip called Flashbolt.

The third-generation HBM2 memory chip has a maximum capacity of 16GB. It is composed of a 16Gb single die stacked in 8 layers, which can achieve a packaging capacity of 16GB and ensure a stable data transmission speed of 3.2Gbps.


Samsung said that the new 16GB HBM2E is particularly suitable for high-performance computing (HPC) systems, and can help system manufacturers improve their supercomputers, AI-driven data analysis and the latest graphics systems in a timely manner.

Samsung expects third-generation HBM2 memory chips to start mass production in the first half of this year. Samsung will continue to offer its second-generation Aquabolt lineup while expanding its third-generation Flashbolt offering.

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