Rong e State: Sound Core Electronics, a R&D and manufacturer of sound meter filters, announced the completion of the A+ round of financing of 100 million yuan

On January 11, Rong e State reported that Zhangjiagang Sound Core Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sound Core Electronics”), a sound surface filter research and development manufacturer, announced the completion of the A+ round of financing of 100 million yuan. Capital, Taipu Capital and Zhangjiagang Jinmao Investment Development Co., Ltd. jointly invested.

Rong e state inquiry learned that the last round of A-round financing of Shengxin Electronics was jointly invested by Meilan Venture Capital, Nachuan Capital, Suzhou Hantianxia and Weixi Capital. In this new round of financing, Shengxin Electronics will mainly be used for The second phase of the company’s production capacity expansion.

Founded in 2019, SoundCore Electronics is a rare IDM company in China that integrates chip design, tape-out, packaging and testing. It is composed of senior R&D backbones served by table filter manufacturers and has rich successful experience in the design of sound table filters. Soundcore Electronics now has a complete industrial chain. The filters, duplexers and resonators produced by the company can be applied to the filtering and resonance of wireless communication electronic products (smartphones, base stations, remote controls, etc.). It is an important chip for wireless reception of signals such as mobile communication (2G to 5G), navigation and positioning (GPS, Beidou), and WiFi.

It is reported that the investors in this round are jointly invested by Shun Capital Capital, Dynamic Balance Capital, Orient Securities Capital, Taipu Capital and Zhangjiagang Jinmao Investment Development Co., Ltd. Shun Capital is a venture capital firm focusing on the angel stage and early growth stage of the TMT industry, and currently manages two angel funds. The team of Shun Capital is mainly from Yuanhe Holdings and Alibaba. Excellent companies invested by angels include: Neusoft Carrier (300183), InnoLight Technology (300308), Shenzhou High-speed Railway (000008), Aolian Electronics (300585), Sanchao New Materials (300554), Spri, Tongcheng Travel, (01739.HK),, Taoche Wuyou (870689), Gongpinhui, etc.

Dynamic Balance Capital is the core enterprise of Nanjing Jiangning Technology Venture Capital Group. It manages a total of 30 funds with a total scale of about 31.3 billion yuan. It has invested in more than 100 companies, covering angel investment, VC, and PE stages. It mainly invests in TMT, biomedicine, High-end equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials and other fields.

Orient Securities Capital Investment Co., Ltd. (“Orient Securities Capital”) was established in February 2010 with a registered capital of RMB 4 billion. It is a professional capital operation platform under Orient Securities and a direct investment broker approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. company. In 2017, it was transformed into a private equity investment fund subsidiary of a securities company.Orient Securities, as an important private equity fund business platform of Orient Securities, has realized the dual connection of internal and external resources and systems of the group, utilized Orient Securities’ brand and market advantages, and used various forms of financial products and financial instruments to participate in domestic and foreign capital markets. At present, the cumulative scale of assets under management has exceeded 24.5 billion yuan. The company provides comprehensive and one-stop services such as equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, and cross-border investment.

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