RISC-V processor of Japanese IP company, adopted by Renesas automotive MCU

Recently, Yukihide Niimi, president and CEO of NSITEXE, Inc., headquartered in Minato-ku, Japan, announced that the company’s RISC-V-based parallel processor IPDR1000C with vector expansion (DFP: Data Flow Processor) has been authorized by Renesas Electronics to use Based on the RH850/U2B Microcontroller (MCU), a new and powerful set of automotive MCUs.

According to reports, the RH850/U2B MCU is designed to meet the growing need to integrate multiple applications into a single chip and to implement a unified Electronic control unit (ECU) for the evolving electrical and electronic (E/E) architecture. The cross-domain RH850/U2B MCU combines high performance, flexibility, non-disturbance and safety, and is built for the demanding workloads required for vehicle motion, including hybrid ICE and xEV traction inverters, high-end zone control , connecting gateways and domain control applications.

  RISC-V processor of Japanese IP company, adopted by Renesas automotive MCU

The RH850/U2B MCU part is equipped with DR1000C, a RISC-V based parallel processor IP with vector extensions (DFP: Data Stream Processor) licensed by NSITEXE, Inc. as an accelerator. The DR1000C is ideal for offloading the heavy-duty arithmetic processing (model predictive control, real-time modeling, sensor data processing, etc.) required by automotive MCUs for safety-critical systems. Up to 16 hardware threads can efficiently utilize the vector processor for extremely high power performance.

The DR1000C is the world’s first (as of June 30, 2021) RISC-V processor compliant with the ASIL D safety requirement level of the ISO 26262 vehicle functional safety standard, and has received ISO 26262 ASIL D Ready certification from SGS-T?V. Specifically, it is a parallel processor optimized to offload the intensive computations that the vehicle control microcomputer (MPU) needs to perform through a multithreading mechanism and vector instructions. By integrating the DR1000C, the vehicle control MPU can handle advanced control algorithms such as model predictive control and meet increasingly stringent clean energy laws and regulations.

  RISC-V processor of Japanese IP company, adopted by Renesas automotive MCU

The ASIL D compliant DR1000C-SDK (Software Development Kit) provides safe and accurate thread control as well as memory protection and time protection functions. By leveraging these capabilities and an ISO 26262 compliant toolchain, users can focus on application development, reducing development time. The thread control software included in the SDK has various functions required for safety-critical systems, such as prioritized execution of real-time tasks and thread execution monitoring.

  RISC-V processor of Japanese IP company, adopted by Renesas automotive MCU

The DR1000C-HSK (Hardware Safety Kit) provides Failure Mode Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA), safety manuals, safety case reports and ISO 26262 related documentation. It reduces the time required to analyze the functional safety of automotive MCUs and obtain their certification. The DR1000C was developed based on the ISO 9001 quality management system to meet stringent automotive quality requirements.

The DR1000C is suitable not only for vehicle control MPUs, but also for various embedded systems such as industrial equipment including factory automation and sensor processing including radar. Its development and evaluation status has been deeply evaluated by Japanese and European semiconductor manufacturers.

According to Naoki Yoshida, vice president of Renesas Electronics Automotive Digital Products Marketing Division, the amount of MCU processing required to achieve advanced vehicle control is increasing. By employing NSITEXE DFP (DR1000C) as an accelerator, the RH850/U2B can offload computationally-heavy operations and safety-critical real-time systems. We believe that Renesas will now be able to provide platforms to build advanced automotive systems for area and domain control applications that require high performance, precision and reliability.

Hideki Sugimoto, Chief Technology Officer of NSITEXE, Inc., emphasized that at NSITEXE, development efforts are focused on three pillars – versatility, efficiency and functional safety – with a number of future trends in mind. The DR1000C implements these as MIMD-based high-performance embedded vector processors with high functional safety for users who wish to control embedded systems efficiently, reasonably and safely.

The DR1000C not only provides efficient processing power and reliability for green energy automotive applications, but also provides efficient processing power and reliability for many embedded systems in fields such as factory automation and medical that require high security.

Based on its commitment to high functional safety and its innovative processor technology, NSITEXE enables smart mobility and MaaS to change the world in ways that enrich people’s lives.

It is worth mentioning that NSITEXE is an IP supplier established in 2017, formerly spun off from DENSO, specializing in the development of advanced processors. The company develops RISC-V-based processor IP that supports functional safety. High-efficiency, high-quality semiconductor IP supports a wide range of applications and contributes to the development of next-generation semiconductor technologies.

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