OPPO’s latest magic machine exposure Oreo lens design + ultra-high-speed charging

On March 20, a digital blogger posted a photo of a mobile phone and said that this may be an OPPO Reno Ace2 phone, which uses an Oreo lens design. OPPO Reno Ace2 features fast charging and a high refresh rate screen. In terms of fast charging, the fast charging speed of the previous generation product is 65W, and the new generation product may adopt higher speed and better technology. In terms of screen refresh rate, it may be equipped with a more advanced 120Hz refresh rate Display screen on the market.

Many consumers are still very concerned about this phone, because when OPPO Reno Ace was released last year, it brought you 65W dual-cell fast charging, which was considered a relatively advanced technology at that time.

In other respects, the appearance changes of OPPO Reno Ace2 and the previous generation products mainly appear in the camera area on the back. The rear camera of the previous generation adopts a quad-camera design, which is arranged vertically. The rear camera module of OPPO Reno Ace2 adopts the Oreo circular appearance used by many mobile phones nowadays, and is also equipped with four lenses.

In addition, the starting price of OPPO Reno Ace is 3199 yuan. I wonder if the price of this year’s new mobile phone will remain the same starting price? Let’s wait and see!

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