Mouser’s New Customer Resource Center Provides Convenient Service and Tool Resource Sharing

September 16, 2020 – Mouser Electronics, an electronics distributor focused on introducing new products and offering extensive inventory, announces the launch of a new Customer Resource Center that provides customers with easy access to Mouser’s online sourcing services and tools . On this platform, all kinds of resources that customers need to optimize their procurement process are covered. Customers can easily view usage by simply clicking on the name of the tool they want to use.

In this new Customer Resource Center, customers can access and learn how to view or track orders, request technical support and data sheets, and place orders from API or EDI through order automation. This easy-to-use platform helps Mouser’s customers quickly learn about components and any other assistance they need in the procurement process.

Coby Kleinjan, Vice President, Customer Service and Sales, Mouser Americas, said, “Mouser is continually evaluating and optimizing its online resources to help buyers and engineers manage product selection and procurement. We are very pleased to introduce this new customer to the site. Resource Center, through which we hope to help customers simplify the procurement process, while continuing to strive to provide satisfactory service around the world.”

The Customer Resource Center offers Mouser’s full suite of productivity tools, including FORTE, the intelligent BOM tool, a quote and inventory query assistant, and information on how to create a My Mouser account, making it easier for customers to complete their online purchases.

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