Mouser launches Analog Devices 16-bit AD7386 SAR ADC with a throughput rate of up to 4 MSPS

March 2, 2020-Focus on the introduction of new products and provide a large inventory of Electronic components distributor Mouser Electronics (Mouser Electronics) will begin to supply Analog Devices’ AD7386 successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from now on. The 16-bit AD7386 is a single-ended type, functionally compatible with AD7380 and AD7381 ADCs, with a throughput rate of up to 4 MSPS, and is packaged in a 3 × 3 mm small LFCSP package. This dual-channel simultaneous sampling high-speed ADC is very suitable for motor control, sonar, power quality and data acquisition applications.

As an authorized distributor, Mouser is committed to quickly introducing new products and technologies, helping customers design advanced products, and enabling customers’ products to reach the market faster. More than 800 semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers sell their products to the global market through Mouser. Mouser only provides customers with fully certified original products and provides a full range of manufacturer traceability.

The Analog Devices AD7386 supplied by Mouser contains two SAR ADCs, a multiplexer, a sequencer and a serial interface with two independent data output pins. Engineers can access the data on the device through a serial interface that supports one or two serial outputs. This ADC has a single-ended analog input, operating voltage is between 3.0V to 3.6V, and has a buffered internal 2.5V reference voltage (the maximum external reference voltage available for selection is up to 3.3V), and the typical drift is only ±1 ppm/°C.

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