Mouser Electronics Sponsors 2021 ON Semiconductor Power Webinar

Mouser Electronics, a distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products to drive industry innovation, is proud to be a sponsor of the 2021 ON semiconductor Power Webinar. This seminar will be live online from October 29th to November 26th, and 5 technical presentations will discuss in depth how to optimize power supply energy efficiency from different aspects such as power factor, modeling, simulation, verification, LLC resonance, synchronous rectification, etc. and system performance, helping power supply designers solve energy efficiency challenges and meet different application needs.

Mouser Electronics Sponsors 2021 ON Semiconductor Power Webinar

The 2021 ON Semiconductor Power Supply Webinar will start at 14:30 pm on the event day, and the specific arrangements are as follows:

October 29: Power Factor Correction – Optimization Options

November 5: Physically-Based, Scalable SPICE Modeling for Modern Power electronic Devices

Evaluate parameters and application results using physical, scalable simulation models

November 12: Analysis, simulation and experimentation pave the way for success

Control Loop Design and Easy Verification Methods

November 19: Introducing LLC Resonant Converters

achieve synchronous rectification

November 26: Three-Phase Power Factor Correction (PFC) for 10 kW Industrial and Automotive Applications

In this series of workshops, engineers can learn about new advances in power supply design and hear key industry trends from power supply experts. Each event in this series is full of gold, and will also introduce ON Semiconductor’s diverse power supply products and other technologies available on the website to facilitate engineering design and prototype development.

As a global authorized distributor, Mouser Electronics has a rich inventory of semiconductors and electronic components, and actively introduces new products from the original factory to support shipments at any time. Mouser aims to supply customers with fully certified OEM products with full manufacturer traceability. To help customers accelerate their designs, the Mouser website provides a rich library of technical resources, including technical resource centers, product data sheets, vendor-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, design tools, and other useful information.

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