Mobile phone screen failure is difficult to fix? Take a look at these four mobile phone screen failure solutions

Although the number of encounters with mobile phone screen failures is small, once the mobile phone screen fails, the mobile phone will be unusable. For mobile phone screen failure, the editor once brought two articles. In the first two articles, both related to the solution of iPhone screen failure. In this article, the editor’s explanation of the failure of the mobile phone screen will be based on the general situation. In this article, we will explore the causes of cell phone screen failure and propose four simple solutions. If you are interested in the issues discussed in this article, you may wish to continue reading this article.


Mobile phone screen failure is difficult to fix? Take a look at these four mobile phone screen failure solutions

What to do if the phone screen fails?

The first situation: mobile phone crashes or false crashes caused by software

Sometimes when we use the APP on the mobile phone, the mobile phone suddenly seems to be dead after opening it. The screen is stuck and can’t move, and there is no response no matter how to touch the screen. This is only a temporary malfunction of the mobile phone, mainly due to the lack of memory of the mobile phone due to too many background apps, and the mobile phone needs more time to respond. At this time, we only need to open the task manager to open the background interface (the operation method of each mobile phone is different), and turn off some apps in the background. Sometimes if this doesn’t work, we just press and hold the power button to restart the phone. If your phone has a HOME button, you can also long press the “HOME button + power button” method to force the phone to restart. Generally, it can solve the situation that the mobile phone cannot be touched due to this situation.


Mobile phone screen failure is difficult to fix? Take a look at these four mobile phone screen failure solutions

The second case: screen failure caused by static electricity

There may be many friends who have experienced this. After taking the mobile phone out of the pocket or bag, they found no response when they swiped the screen. If there is a call coming in at this time, you will be very anxious. This is actually because the mobile phone is rubbed in a dry environment like a pocket or bag, or it is affected by some other electromagnetic fields, which causes the screen to temporarily fail. What should we do at this time? You can wipe the screen with your palm a few times in one direction, which can remove static electricity to a large extent. If this is not possible, you can also wipe the screen with a little damp cloth, because water can take away static electricity. Of course, another method is to use scotch tape. When the tape is removed, part of the static electricity can be taken away.


Mobile phone screen failure is difficult to fix? Take a look at these four mobile phone screen failure solutions

The third situation: failure caused by missing or damaged system files

When rooting an Android phone, some changes and deletions will be made to the system files in the phone, sometimes causing screen failure. In addition, it is also possible that during the system upgrade, sudden interruptions caused by the network or lack of power can easily damage the system files and cause the screen to malfunction. At this time, we have to flash or reset the phone. If possible, you must pay attention to backing up your important data when flashing the phone. Although most of the current flashing is very simple, if you have never done it before, it is recommended that you can ask a friend who can do it to help with the operation.


Mobile phone screen failure is difficult to fix? Take a look at these four mobile phone screen failure solutions

The fourth situation: that is the screen failure caused by hardware damage

After the mobile phone is dropped or exposed to water, it is easy to cause damage to the LCD screen cable and touch IC. The hardware type damage will cause the screen to malfunction and “drift”. At this time, the best way to deal with it is to give it to professionals to repair, such as after-sales of the mobile phone or make an appointment with a professional engineer of your mobile phone brand to inspect and repair the mobile phone.


Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the screen of the mobile phone has 6 weaknesses. You must pay attention to the following situations when using the mobile phone.

1. Static electricity

Although the current touch screen is very hard and wear-resistant, the extremely unstable factor of static electricity can easily penetrate the capacitive screen. Although a layer of anti-static treatment is added to the surface of the capacitive screen, it does not mean that it can withstand the instantaneous voltage caused by the static electricity of the human body.

2. Oil stains and sweat, etc.

Mobile phone screens are afraid of conductive media such as oil and sweat. Covering them on the screen will make the phone screen unresponsive to touch or screen drift. Therefore, if you find any oil, sweat, etc., wipe it off as soon as possible.

3. High temperature

Mobile phone screens are afraid of high temperatures. When the surface temperature of the screen reaches about 40 degrees, it may cause drift. Long-term exposure to this high temperature will reduce the life of the capacitive screen. Therefore, in the scorching summer, try to avoid exposing the phone to the outdoors, and long-term gaming on Android phones will also cause the machine to become hot. If you encounter a high temperature, the best way is to let him cool.

4. Magnetic field

Put a small magnet on the screen, and you will soon find that the capacitive screen has a temporary failure, which will cause permanent failure over time. Therefore, try to avoid close contact between the phone and speakers or other magnetic objects.

5. Voltage

The working principle of the capacitive screen is that when a finger touches the capacitive screen, it will take away the current on the screen, and the screen will evenly deliver an equal current from the four corners to fill the position pressed by the toilet paper, and use this for positioning. Therefore, in the case of unstable transmission voltage, the effect of drift will appear, so try to avoid charging after the power is less than 20%, if it is lower, it is best to charge immediately. Moreover, it is better to charge mobile phone batteries as they are used than when they are exhausted.

The above is the content related to “Mobile phone screen failure” brought by this editor. Through this article, I hope everyone has a certain understanding of the content explained in this article. If you like this article, you might as well continue to pay attention to our website, the editor will bring more exciting content later. Finally, thank you all for reading, have a nice day!

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