MemVerge Receives $19 Million Strategic Investment to Accelerate the Era of “Big Memory Computing”

On May 12, 2020, MemVerge, the inventor of the large memory software Memory Machine, announced today that it has completed a $19 million financing. The investors include strategic investors such as Intel, Cisco, NetApp and SK hynix. The company’s previous investors Gaorong Capital, Glory Ventures, Jerusalem Venture Partners, LDV, Lightspeed Ventures and Northern Lights Ventures also continued to raise money in this round. According to Fan Chenggong, co-founder and CEO of MemVerge, this round of financing will be used for the continuous research and development of Memory Machine, a large-memory software. At the same time, the company will establish a marketing system to accelerate the arrival of a new era of large-memory computing. It is reported that the large memory software Memory Machine will be officially launched in Q2 2020.

The joint strategic investment of the global data center industry leaders means that MemVerge is leading the new trend of in-memory computing – large-memory computing. This innovative technology will revolutionize the data center infrastructure, and all applications will be able to run in memory. Big-memory computing is a combination of persistent memory hardware and in-memory computing software technology, which is characterized by making memory capacity more abundant, persistent, and highly available.

Massive amounts of enterprise-level data are being generated at breakneck speed, driven by applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, and high-performance computing, posing enormous challenges to data scientist teams at Internet giants and large enterprises. Data-centric workloads continue to increase, and the demand for in-memory computing is also increasing. However, due to the high cost, small capacity, and data volatility characteristics of current memory (DRAM), in-memory computing is limited to the most critical performance. workload.

The emergence of persistent memory technology will completely change this situation. “This is a very distinctive medium. It combines memory and storage for the first time. The characteristics of these two different concepts are reflected in one physical medium. This is a very revolutionary and cross-era technology.” Fan Chenggong Say.

MemVerge was co-founded by Dr. Chenggong Fan, former senior vice president of VMware and senior vice president of EMC, Shuki Bruck, co-founder of XtremIO and Rainfinity, professor of Gordon Moore at Caltech, and Dr. Yue Li, a postdoctoral scholar at Caltech.

The Memory Machine, a large-memory software that MemVerge is building, integrates Intel Optane persistent memory technology, enabling enterprises to process massive amounts of data in memory, and has formulated a product roadmap for processing petabyte-level data at nanosecond speeds. Notably, Memory Machine? Compatible with current and future applications, it provides Intel Xeon Scalable platform with data services designed for memory, such as instant memory placement and low-latency memory replication, etc., which can meet the application’s demand for data persistence, Reduce reliance on traditional storage media. The powerful combination of persistent memory and MemVergeMemory Machine software brings a new pool of large memory resources, enabling memory-centric computing. MemVerge technology will revolutionize data center architecture and make data-centric workloads easier to develop and deploy.

Global data center leaders such as Intel, Cisco, NetApp, and SK hynix share MemVerge’s vision that data center workloads will become more memory-intensive in the future as new persistent, ample-capacity large memory tiers emerge. In something like MemVergeMemory Machine? Backed by such suitable software, large-memory computing will change the architecture of data centers and the way applications are developed and deployed in the future. These data center leaders are investing in this vision.

“We are honored to work with industry leaders who share a common vision to bring solutions to enterprises with large memory resource pools through our large memory software,” said Chenggong Fan, “We started MemVerge with the idea that every application is Can run in memory. As the first practitioners to develop next-generation software for the big memory revolution, our goal is to provide enterprises with a more efficient way to run data-intensive applications.”

Fan Chenggong introduced that MemVerge’s large-memory software has clear application scenarios in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and financial market data analysis. Enterprises can use AI, ML models for training and inference faster with Memory Machine, use larger datasets in memory, complete more queries in less time, and replicate stably between servers Memory.

“We are proud to lead the big memory revolution with MemVerge, Intel’s Optane persistent memory ecosystem partner,” said Alper Ilkbahar, vice president and general manager of memory and storage products in Intel’s Data Platform Group. “The MemVerge team and its innovative Memory Machine software stand behind At the forefront of the industry’s shift to large-memory computing, the combination of MemVergeMemory Machine software and Intel Optane persistent memory enables more applications to run in memory.”

“We are excited to see MemVerge’s progress in creating large-memory software that can help businesses solve the challenges of machine-generating massive amounts of data,” said Mark Rostick, vice president and senior managing director at Intel Capital. With MemVergeMemory Machine software and Intel Optane persistent memory, businesses can more efficiently and quickly gain insights from massive amounts of data in near real-time.”

“At NetApp, we are committed to helping our customers harness data to enhance their business potential,” said Brad Anderson, executive vice president at NetApp. “MemVerge’s software combines persistent memory, hyperconverged architecture, container orchestration and all key components to support artificial intelligence, Data-intensive applications such as machine learning, intelligent analytics, etc. Our investment in MemVerge expresses what we believe is the future of storage technology development.”

“MemVerge has invented a powerful software solution that will thrive in a world driven by artificial intelligence, IoT and other big data workloads,” said Heejin Chung, head of venture capital at SK hynix. Make the investment. With our leading expertise in building memory technologies, we believe we will foster innovation in this space. We look forward to seeing MemVerge’s technology evolve and be embraced by the market.”

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