It can directly replace the U321 power IC of LM317 and LM7815

In recent days, Shenzhen has carried out a major traffic rectification to regulate the behavior of electric bicycles on license plates, wearing helmets, and overloading. The first rule of thumb is to keep in mind the safety rules. There is a safe and reliable power supply icU321, which is mainly suitable for electric motorcycles and bicycle controllers. You may wish to know more about it.

U321 is a high-voltage battery-powered step-down DC-DC power supply IC. It integrates functions such as reference power supply, oscillator, error amplifier, current limiting protection, and short-circuit protection. It is very suitable for high-voltage DC applications. In order to minimize peripheral costs, U321 does not require voltage adjustment resistors, and has a fixed output of 14.5V.

U321 power supply IC is characterized by the internal integrated high-voltage power tube, wide voltage input voltage range: 20V~200V, few external components, no need for external compensation network, can achieve stable dynamic response, low power consumption and high efficiency (up to 85%), external A low-power resistor can control the peak current, a fixed oscillation frequency plus a fine-tuning frequency point and frequency hiccup, frequency jitter technology can well solve the safety requirements of EMI, cycle-by-cycle current protection detection, with overload protection, short circuit protection, undervoltage Voltage protection, overvoltage protection and other full application protection.

U321 power IC is used in electric vehicle controller system, it can directly replace LM317, LM7815 or resistive step-down linear regulator, with high efficiency, high integration, high reliability and other characteristics, can greatly reduce the temperature of the overall controller , so that the entire system can work more reliably and reduce production costs.

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