ISC 2021 | 360 Government-Enterprise Security Group Ecological Partner Conference Held Emphasizes Building a Capability Ecosystem

On July 28, the 360 ​​Government-Enterprise Security Group Ecological Partner Conference was successfully held at the Beijing National Convention Center. More than a thousand people from all over the country, including government, enterprise and industry leaders, industry leaders, experts and scholars, and ecological partners, gathered together to explore the evolution path of network security ecology and share ecological value. At the meeting, 360 Government-Enterprise Security Group emphasized that it will not be a competitor in the cybersecurity ecosystem, but a “supply land” and enabler, and will rely on 360’s new-generation security capability framework to create an industry “fertile ground” for cybersecurity development. Work with partners to build a digital security ecosystem and jointly protect the digital economy.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ye Jian, COO of 360 Group and CEO of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group, said in his speech that 2021 is the first ecological year of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group. As the guardian of the digital economy, 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group will start from the whole Starting from the network security situation, based on the methodology of offensive and defensive actual combat, a new generation of security capability framework is used to escort the digital transformation of countries, cities, industries, and enterprises. Since then, a new mission and journey has been launched.

Safeguarding the digital economy is inseparable from the joint efforts of the cybersecurity industry. He also suggested that the industry should gather the wisdom and strength of the public, and work together with industry and business partners through strategic collaboration, resource collaboration, and capability collaboration by building an open and collaborative security ecosystem. Escort the development of the digital economy.

Hu Zhenquan, senior vice president of 360 Government-Enterprise Security Group, shared his views from three aspects: 360’s original intention of deploying government-enterprise security, government-enterprise security business model and ecological win-win. He emphasized that 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group takes escorting national network security and industrial upgrading and development as the important task, and actively upgrades the 360 ​​security brain strategy, consolidates capabilities, reshapes the brand, and expands the territory. In the future, it will be supported by the 360 ​​security capability framework to help partners build Ability-based ecosystem to achieve win-win cooperation.

Subsequently, Dong Yunpeng, Dean of the Strategic Innovation Research Institute of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group, explained the security capability framework centered on the 360 ​​Security Brain. At present, new advanced cyber threats caused by digitization are intensifying. 360 has monitored 46 overseas APT organizations that have launched attacks on my country. The “catcher” behind this is based on the network-wide security situation, actual combat methodology and Next-generation security capability framework. The methodology refers to the integration of the security system and the digital system, and the integration of the offensive and defensive capabilities and the management and control capabilities, guided by the thinking of combat, confrontation, and offensive and defensive. On top of this, taking the new-generation security capability framework as a reference, we help customers establish a security system with complete capabilities, operability, growth, and exportability. Dong Yunpeng said that 360 Government-Enterprise Security Group will also open resources such as big data, knowledge base, and security experts to empower ecological partners to achieve real complementary advantages and provide “fertile soil” for the development of the industry.

“360 Local Security Brain is a set of open intelligent analysis, judgment, early warning, response, and evaluation unified security platform that deploys the core capabilities of 360 Cloud Security Brain locally.” Deconstructing the security brain and security infrastructure. He emphasized that the local security brain accepts cloud empowerment, connects security equipment, gathers security data, and accumulates security knowledge, which can help customers achieve panoramic security knowledge integration, full-stack core technology integration, and full-view security big data integration, so as to improve the security system in an all-round way. ability. In addition, facing the security industry ecology, 360 Government-Enterprise Security Group will open up the “1+2+3” strategy, that is, a product openness capability system, two sets of ecological integration standards, three types of evaluation empowerment certification, and partners to achieve security ecological integration Create, share and win together.

At the same time, under the empowerment of 360 cloud security services and regional/industry/headquarters security brains, local operations and cloud security expert services are efficiently coordinated to help partners accelerate the construction of deliverable, operable, and profitable customer security brain practices . Dong Xin, Vice President of Customer Technical Service Center of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group, said in the keynote speech on “Joining Hands to Build a New Generation of Network Security Service and Operation Support System” that 360 Customer Technical Service Center has established a nationwide service network and opened up partners Service certification system, empowerment training system, partner technical support channels and many other services.

While focusing on building a new generation of security capability framework, 360 Government-Enterprise Security Group is willing to continue to output for ecological partners in terms of technology sharing, capability output, technology complementarity, personnel training, business cooperation, and capital investment to help partners cope with the digital age. new threats, grand challenges.

Take the 360 ​​Security Brain Alliance as a link to draw an ecological blueprint

Ge Zhaoli, Vice President of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group, said in a speech titled “Same Road, Hand in Hand, and Win-win to Build a Big Security Ecology” that 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group will practice the “platform + ecology” strategy, and integrate different Ecological partners with different dimensions and different capabilities enrich the security capability framework by complementing resource advantages and security capabilities to achieve ecological win-win.

Ge Zhaoli introduced that in order to better meet the needs of customers, 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group will focus on the industrial ecology this year to develop industrial ecological partners of solutions, security services, and IT infrastructure. and services to form a positive cycle of “industrial ecology + platform + business ecology”. In addition, 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group attaches great importance to the ecosystem construction of 360 Security Brain, and will provide 20 guarantees of rights and interests, giving full support from four major directions: capital and personnel support, technology, sales, and marketing.

Later, in the partner sharing session of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group, Zhou Bing, founder of Beijing Star Chain Nantian Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiang Dongyi, senior vice president and chief strategy officer (CSO) of Shanshi Network Technology, shared their research progress in the field of network security. , solutions and new thinking, and said that over the years, it has cooperated with 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group in terms of products, technology, security capabilities, channels, brands, etc., and achieved common development and growth.

On the day of the meeting, 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group and Nantian Information held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Through the joint construction of industry-level, city-level and enterprise-level security brains, we will explore new models of industry network security ecological construction, so as to establish a benchmark for ecological cooperation and bring a demonstration role to reshape the new ecological pattern.

With the continuous evolution of digitalization in various industries, the industry urgently needs a healthy and orderly industrial collaborative development system. In this context, the “360 Security Brain Alliance” initiated by the 360 ​​Government and Enterprise Security Group was officially established at this conference. The alliance aims to combine the technical strength of ecological partners to provide customers with competitive products, solutions and services, and jointly promote the improvement of the network security protection capabilities of countries, cities, industries, and enterprises. Ye Jian, Chief Operating Officer of 360 Group, CEO of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group, Hu Zhenquan, Senior Vice President of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group, Gao Hanzhao, Senior Vice President of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group, Ge Zhaoli, Vice President of 360 Government and Enterprise Security Group, and Representatives of the first members and partners of the alliance, including China Science and Technology, Zhongkesoft, and Nantian Information, jointly witnessed the establishment of the 360 ​​Security Brain Alliance.

360 Safe Brain Alliance was established

Since the upgrade of the ecological strategy, 360 Government-Enterprise Security Group has achieved initial results through the continuous integration of resources and market layout, with the help of the power of partners around the world, and the cooperation of the brand and marketing system. In the future, we will continue to build open relationships, realize deep links, resource sharing, and achieve win-win cooperation.

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