Internet reputation is so good, why is OnePlus not popular?

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, smartphones have gradually become an indispensable Electronic product in our lives. In recent years, the development of domestic mobile phones has also entered a new climax, and today’s domestic models have been able to provide consumers with The performance we trust, OnePlus phones are among them.

Mention the brand of OnePlus, and people familiar with this brand will nod their heads. Oneplus made its debut on January 13, 2014. It is Shenzhen OnePlus Technology Co., Ltd. founded by Liu Zuohu, the former deputy general manager of OPPO. Its smartphone brand, which has a unique product concept of “nothing to do”, provides “high-quality”, “excellent design” products and “feeling” services, occupying a place in the mobile phone market.

The brand impression of many consumers on OnePlus is probably all kinds of good reviews on the Internet. Major media, especially foreign media, have a very cutting-edge position in the evaluation of mobile phones, so the reputation on the Internet is very good. Why is OnePlus still a second-tier brand in China?

Clear positioning in overseas markets

Since OnePlus was established, it has had a fairly clear positioning.

Generally, domestically produced machines use the domestic market as the first market at the beginning, first use advertising and marketing to enhance the popularity of the product, and then push it to overseas markets when the time is ripe. However, OnePlus targeted the global market from the very beginning, and exported to 18 overseas countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and India.

For OnePlus, which took the lead in the foreign market, aiming at the aesthetics of overseas users, the overseas product system is separated out, the “hydrogen” OS is mainly for users in the domestic market, and the “oxygen” OS is for overseas users, and combined with them Local usage habits, satisfying different consumer groups, and cooperating with the ultimate performance and cost-effective strategy, soon have a place in the overseas market.

According to public data, India should be the largest market. One plus mobile phone ranked first in the Indian high-end market in Q2 and Q3 this year, surpassing Samsung and Apple; in December last year, one plus mobile phone announced It has reached a strategic cooperation with EE, the largest mobile operator in the UK, and released the first 5G commercial mobile phone 7 Pro in Europe.

Since OnePlus focuses on developing overseas markets, it is more foreign-oriented in terms of overall interface and optimization, and the optimization of experience is not as good as that of domestic manufacturers, so it has opened up with domestic manufacturers who specialize in the local market. The difference is that the domestic market is indeed not as popular as the overseas market.

OnePlus focuses on a lightweight mobile phone system, which is extremely fast. Many practical software have not been adapted, and the positioning is too simplified. For other domestic manufacturers, such as vivo, Xiaomi and other enterprises, they are aimed at Domestic users have made a lot of improvements and optimizations. In terms of user stickiness, OnePlus is no match for other domestic manufacturers.

Caijing Jianghu believes that it is still related to the popularity of OnePlus mobile phones. Because OnePlus mobile phones mainly target overseas markets, they do not have a high brand awareness in China, which leads to many users who are not familiar with this brand. For consumers, they pay more attention to brand awareness and brand stickiness.

The “high-end” road is highly competitive

OnePlus has been taking the high-end Android flagship route from the beginning, and has taken on the important task of OPPO’s high-end route.

Relevant research data shows that in the second quarter of 2019, the high-end mobile phone rankings were released, and the OnePlus 7 series topped the list. In addition, its market share also occupied a lot, becoming one of the most popular high-end mobile phones today.

Although OnePlus 7 Pro has pushed OnePlus phones to the high-end flagship level, for the domestic market, OnePlus does not actually have an advantage in high-end phones. The high-end phones in the domestic market are still mainly Huawei and Apple. host.

Compared with Apple and Huawei, both have their own outstanding advantages in different fields. Apple has its own mature system and ecology. Huawei’s investment in mobile phone research and development continues to increase, and it uses technology to retain users, while OnePlus’s own hard power is obviously not as good as the first two. By.

In terms of marketing, OnePlus’ brand marketing efforts were really small. At that time, it couldn’t compete with Hammer and Xiaomi online. Compared with its boss OPPO’s investment in advertising, OnePlus’ investment was negligible, while offline OPPO’s investment was negligible. OnePlus’s publicity strategy can’t keep up, and such cost savings has led to the fact that awareness is low.

So it is embarrassing that OnePlus has a good reputation on the Internet, but has never seen the actual mobile phone. At the same time, the domestic market competition is very fierce, and the price of the OnePlus mobile phone, which was not originally priced very high, is slightly more cost-effective than these brands. Compared with other cost-effective mobile phones, users have many choices, making it difficult for OnePlus to enter the high-end market, because at the same price, OnePlus users are more willing to choose Huawei and Apple than those with less well-known brands.

Caijing Jianghu believes that for OnePlus, with the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic high-end market, it is still difficult to share this big cake. Although the mobile phone is very good and uses some top-level accessories, after all, the mobile phone The replacement of mobile phones is too fast, and other more cost-effective mobile phones are more attractive in the domestic market, so it is a little late for OnePlus to gradually pay attention to the domestic market.

Online sales are hard to hide

The brand positioning of OnePlus is an Internet brand that mainly sells online. It adopts an online sales model. One of the advantages of this model is that it reduces the share of offline channel providers, which is very much divided. , compared to the cost of selling mobile phones online is much lower.

Judging from the domestic sales of OnePlus 7Pro, the slogan is “Sales of 100 million in one minute”. At first glance, its sales are indeed hot, but as a mobile phone with a starting price of 3999 yuan, even if the sales are broken 100 million, its shipments are only more than 20,000 units, and the sales of more than 20,000 units are really few for users across the country. Even if the subsequent transaction volume is still rising, the number is still unsustainable. Yes, out of stock is also a big problem for OnePlus.

Offline channels rely on a lot of marketing and publicity to occupy the market, and OnePlus does not have this ability and there is no need to compete offline with vivo, oppo, etc.

However, OnePlus abandoned the offline model and specialized in the online model, which also led to a problem. Fewer sales stores also represented an after-sales system with insufficient coverage. After-sales is also a symbol of brand strength. OnePlus does not cover widely. It is also easy to make it difficult to have a sense of trust after sales.

No offline store also makes it difficult to solve after-sales problems. After-sales service provides protection for users. For many mobile phones now, all mobile phones are guaranteed by the whole country, and any after-sales store across the country can repair it, but obviously OnePlus mobile phone said that the nationwide guarantee is empty talk. Because OnePlus does not even have a physical store, there is no way to repair it, and there is no guarantee for any failure.

The direct problem caused by this is that it is inconvenient for users to repair their mobile phones. In fact, many people’s OnePlus phones can only be sent back for repairs when they are broken. This is too troublesome, so in the absence of better after-sales service, it has also caused many problems. People give up on this brand.

Caijing Jianghu believes that if OnePlus wants to flourish in the domestic market, online is a part, and offline is another huge part, because after all, the traditional purchase model is still the main force. As an Internet mobile phone brand, OnePlus is due to the lack of offline sales channels and There are no products that only take volume, so it is difficult to become a first-tier brand with annual sales of tens of millions. This is the problem of whether OnePlus is a second-tier brand in China.

All in all, the popularity of the brand determines the purchase psychology of users. After-sales service provides protection for users and meets the needs of users, consumers are more willing to pay. It is undeniable that OnePlus has a unique design concept and strength. The development of OnePlus has accumulated a lot of markets, and at this stage, the domestic recognition of the OnePlus brand has gradually increased. It remains to be seen how the development prospects of OnePlus in this environment.

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