Huawei and GAC start joint development of next-generation smart electric vehicles

On March 10, it is reported that Huawei and GAC Aian, a new energy vehicle company under the Guangzhou Automobile Group, have begun to jointly develop the next generation of smart electric vehicles. Both parties will invest a lot of R&D manpower, and the current conservative view is the scale of 100 people.

Such a large-scale joint development between Huawei and car companies is rare, showing Huawei’s determination to make breakthroughs in the field of smart cars. It is understood that the future cooperation between the two parties is still in the form of project cooperation, and there is no idea of ​​setting up a new company.

GAC responded that since 2017, GAC Group has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Huawei twice. In 2017, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement to carry out strategic cooperation in the field of intelligent networked electric vehicles, accelerate the promotion of strategic cooperation projects, and realize the mass production of multiple systems.

In September 2019, the strategic cooperation agreement will be deepened, which will focus on computing and communication architecture, meet the development trend of software-defined vehicles, and integrate the cooperation research between the two parties in intelligence, networking, and electrification, and jointly create a digital platform for sustainable iterative upgrades. , truly realize the software-defined car, and continuously improve the user experience.

We will announce the specific cooperation progress at an appropriate time, so stay tuned.

Huawei said that, as announced last year in the strategic cooperation agreement, the cooperation between GAC and Huawei will focus on computing and communication architecture to meet the development trend of software-defined vehicles. A digital platform that can be continuously iteratively upgraded, truly realizes software-defined cars, and continuously improves a better experience for users. Huawei’s role in this is that of technology partner and component supplier.

It is understood that GAC Group’s total vehicle sales in February 2021 will be about 110,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 443.38%; this year’s cumulative sales will be about 320,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 64.84%. In terms of different models, the total sales of sedans in February was about 44,300 units, an increase of 324.50% year-on-year; a total of 5,837 MPV units were sold, an increase of 259.42% year-on-year; a total of 54,900 SUV units were sold, an increase of 654.78% year-on-year; a total of 106 trucks were sold, A year-on-year increase of 457.89%.

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