How to deal with frequent tripping of LED display screen, do you know?

Prosperous cities are inseparable from the decoration of LED lights. I believe everyone has seen LEDs. It has appeared in various places in our lives, and it also illuminates our lives. What is the reason for the frequent tripping of the LED Display screen, and how to solve the problem of frequent tripping of the LED Display screen? I believe that many users and friends have encountered this problem. Here we can learn about it together.

1. Unreasonable tripping caused by leakage.

Due to the particularity of the installation site of the LED Electronic display, there are many reasons such as our common wiring errors, broken lines, damage to the leakage protector of the switch box, and electrical appliances not passing through the switch box. These are unavoidable misoperation and refusal to operate, and there is no protection measure for the leakage protector according to the electricity consumption, so the total leakage protector frequently trips.

2. There is no secondary or tertiary leakage protection within the protection scope of the LED large screen

Many people may not know that the final leakage protector in the switch box is the main protection of the electrical equipment. If the final leakage protector is not installed, or it is improperly selected, or it is damaged due to careless use after installation, may cause frequent trips. Because there are many metal conductors and wire connectors in the full-color display screen, if the wire insulation is not good, it will lead to frequent leakage of electricity. Some LED display manufacturers have also added sockets, in order to form an effective secondary or tertiary leakage protection mode within each protection range, so as to effectively reduce the frequent tripping of the leakage protector.

3. The leakage protector itself has certain limitations

Whether the current leakage protector is an electromagnetic type or an electronic type, the magnetic induction voltage transformer is used to pick up the leakage current in the main circuit of the electrical equipment, and it is impossible for three-phase or three-phase four-wire to be completely balanced in the magnetic ring. The three-phase electrical load of the LED electronic display screen is even more impossible to be completely balanced. Under high current and high voltage, a certain electromotive force will be induced in the magnetic ring with high magnetic permeability. This electromotive force exceeds a certain level and will lead to leakage protectors. Frequent trips.

In fact, the leakage protector of the LED display screen has an uncertain area between the rated leakage current and the rated leakage non-operating current. When the leakage current of the leakage protector fluctuates in this area, it is likely to cause the leakage protector to be irregular. trip.

Nowadays, the application of LED display screen in our daily life is still extremely wide, and many enterprises and government departments will use it, and many small facades are often used to advertise products. But even so, for the safety of our production and operation, the LED display must have a solution to the failure before it is used. The current LED lights may have some problems, but we believe that with the rapid development of science and technology, with the efforts of our researchers, these problems will eventually be solved, and the future LEDs must be high-efficiency and high-quality.

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