Global TV shipments are expected to reach 223 million units by 2021, and these products will become the new favorites of the brand

According to TrendForce’s Display Research Office, benefiting from the effects of the housing economy derived from the epidemic, TV shipments in North America in 2020 have started to reverse and rise since late March. As demand in the European market gradually recovers in the second half of the year, The overall TV shipment performance rebounded at the bottom of April and reached its highest peak in October.

However, the recent insufficient supply of Electronic IC products by upstream material suppliers has affected the brand’s shipment schedule for the fourth quarter. As a result, TV brand shipments in 2020 will only reach 217 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 0.3%.

Looking forward to 2021, the Tokyo Olympics and the European Football Cup, which were originally scheduled to be held in 2020, will be postponed due to the impact of the epidemic. Although the changes in the epidemic are unpredictable, the possibility of the resumption of sports events is not ruled out, which will help push TV demand to another level. A wave of peaks.

Therefore, TrendForce forecasts that global TV shipments in 2021 are expected to reach 223 million units, an annual growth of 2.8%.


  Insufficient IC supply and a surge in TV panels this year, second- and third-tier brand factories will face the test of survival

From the perspective of TV Panel supply and demand in 2020, the supply side will be reduced by South Korean manufacturers’ production capacity convergence and the impact of new Chinese panel factories due to the slowdown in mass production ramping speed caused by the epidemic; the demand side will increase sharply due to the prolonged stay at home due to the epidemic prevention policy. .

In the case of tight supply and demand, the price of 40-55-inch TV panels has risen by more than 60% in only half a year; the price of 32-inch panels has doubled and jumped, causing the white-branded market that originally relied on low-price impulse to survive. challenge.

TrendForce further stated that the TV industry panel supply will be tight in 2020, and the demand recovery rate in the second half of the year has exceeded expectations, which indirectly caused the already tight IC wafer production capacity to fall into a more severe dilemma.

Therefore, the situation of suppliers screening customers is becoming more and more obvious. First-tier brands have obtained more resources by virtue of the number of orders. The market share of the top five brands has reached 60% for the first time. IC parts are severely crowded out in an environment with insufficient resources.

  In 2021, the growth of TV shipments of 65 inches (inclusive) and above is expected to reach 30%

As the monthly panel prices continue to rise in the second half of 2020, the profits of mainstream complete machines such as 32-55 inches have gradually declined. In order to make up for the lost profits of low-priced products, brands have begun to shift their panel demand to larger sizes. Among them, the shipment growth of 65 inches (inclusive) and over 70 inches (inclusive) was as high as 23.4% and 47.8%, respectively.

Under the premise that panel prices will not fall sharply in 2021, brands are bound to accelerate the layout of ultra-large-size products. Therefore, TrendForce forecasts that in 2021 TV shipments of 65 inches (inclusive) and above are still 30% likely to grow .

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