Geek Bridge drone illuminates the night sky at the construction site of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital

American power supply manufacturer Vicor recently announced that the Geek Bridge GBI2020-I lighting drone equipped with Vicor DCM4623 power module was successfully used at the construction site of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital to ensure overnight lighting of emergency construction sites. The flying component of Geek Bridge Lighting UAV weighs only 1.3 kilograms, which has extremely stringent requirements on the weight of each link in the system. The weight of the power module needs to be controlled to tens of grams, and the power module of VICOR meets the requirements of the lighting system. Specific needs of man and machine.

Geek Bridge GBI2020-I lighting UAV can adapt to the ambient temperature of -30°C-60°, resist 7 winds and 10 heavy rains, complete deployment within 3 minutes, and provide uninterrupted long-term lighting. The lift-off height is 50 meters, the single-machine mode can effectively illuminate about 6000 square meters, the luminous flux is 100,000 lumens, and it can be operated by multiple machines and can be superimposed infinitely.

Based on the small size of Vicor DCM4623 47.91mm x 22.8mm x 7.21mm, wide operating temperature of -55℃~125℃, power density of 1244W/in3, and conversion efficiency of up to 92%, the Geek Bridge Lighting UAV can be light. Quantitative design, 1.3 kilograms of body components and 30 grams of power module help Geek Bridge UAV to become an industry leader.

This product series is an isolated regulated DC-DC converter that can produce isolated output in a wide range of unregulated inputs. With its high frequency zero voltage switching (ZVS) topology, the DCM converter provides high efficiency for its various input voltage ranges. The DCM module converter can be used independently or with downstream point-of-load (PoL) products to support high-efficiency power distribution and provide excellent power system performance and connectivity for a series of unregulated power supplies to the point of load. The DCM series includes a variety of specifications and supports voltage regulation with ±1% accuracy. The DCM module in the VIA package can provide more advanced functions with integrated EMI filtering, precise regulated output and secondary side ground control interface. The product adopts ChiP packaging technology, double-sided heat dissipation, providing more flexible thermal management.

During the product development and verification phase, the Vicor support team and the Geek Bridge design team jointly researched, designed, solved and solved many system problems. 1) Many devices in the UAV system have extremely high requirements for electromagnetic compatibility, and Vicor DCM4623 It satisfies the electromagnetic compatibility requirements and solves the user’s worries; 2) Vicor DCM4623 design efficiency is as high as 92%, and the unique double-sided heat dissipation design greatly simplifies the size and weight of the radiator; 3) Vicor modules need suitable The peripheral circuit design further guarantees reliability. The Vicor team worked with customers to develop a design that best matched the loop stability, avoiding potential risks, and providing design guarantees for rigorous reliability verification.

In order to ensure the stable operation of the system, the UAV or airborne module power supply must undergo rigorous tests, such as 24 hours and 60 days uninterrupted flight test; 7-level wind resistance test; extreme weather test such as high temperature and low temperature; plateau reliability test. Vicor power modules have withstood these rigorous tests, and the system reliability has been strictly verified. The lighting drone can be widely used in night lighting work such as electric power repairs, municipal repairs, marine operations, police duty, and fire rescue.

About Zhejiang Gikeqiao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Gikeqiao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-end intelligent equipment R&D and manufacturing enterprise with an industrial power as its mission and dedicated to aerial robots-drones as its core. Headquartered in Shaoxing Keqiao Economic Development Zone, it has established an enterprise in Hangzhou The R&D center and sales center also have joint R&D institutions in Beijing, Xi’an and other places, with offices and partner distributors all over the country and some overseas regions.

About Vicor

Vicor uses a series of patented technology portfolios to design, develop, manufacture and sell modular power components and complete power systems. The company is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, and its products are sold in the power system market, including enterprise and high-performance computing, industrial equipment and automation, telecommunications and network infrastructure, vehicles and transportation, aerospace and defense.

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