Digital products and services: Promote digitalization through mobile devices

The industry in the future will be based on the comprehensive collection and analysis of production data. In order to promote the development of IoT applications and machine learning, these data must be collected, analyzed, and managed. At present, we have achieved preliminary results, and at the same time, we are getting closer and closer to this process-real-time and low-latency. By integrating cyber-physical systems into production, the line between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is becoming blurred. However, despite all standardized methods, these systems are still largely open and non-uniform. In order to optimize manufacturing and production processes, we need solutions that can decentralize and facilitate data processing and management. The mobile terminal integrated through comprehensive mobile device management can not only act as a digital gateway, but also support networking with the central system through special applications and a wide range of functions including camera to employee protection. Due to the dangerous working environment and often working alone, employee protection is especially important. Therefore, they must not only be particularly reliable, but also provide effective protection for mobile workers in the field and potentially dangerous areas.

Digital products and services: Promote digitalization through mobile devices

With this in mind, specially designed mobile devices such as ecom’s Smartphone Smart-Ex® 02 will have many advantages. In addition to ruggedness, enhanced ergonomic design and ease of use, it is connected to the central system. Due to the dangerous working environment and often working alone, employee protection is especially important. Therefore, they must not only be particularly reliable, but also provide effective protection for mobile workers in the field and potentially dangerous areas. In addition, the combination of the sensor and the corresponding software will be able to provide comprehensive protection for the individual working in compliance with the requirements of the DGUV regulation BGR-139.Software designed for people working alone can trigger emergency calls, It can also be triggered by the emergency call button. In this way, it can be protected. With BLE Bluetooth beacons developed specifically for hazardous areas, employees can even work indoors without GPS. At the same time, this intrinsically safe Android smartphone can be used as a mobile Hub: it supports 21 different LTE frequency bands and can transmit without synchronization. It has not only obtained the global explosion-proof certification, but also the approval of the local regulatory agency, so it can be used on a global scale. This intrinsically safe smartphone has a design temperature range of -20°C to +60°C, so it can be used under any of the most extreme conditions worldwide. In addition, it is the first device to pass the ATEX zone 1/21 and Div. 1 certification, and has obtained the stringent Google “Android Enterprise Recommended Validation” certification. Through the support of hardware and operating system, as well as guaranteed Android upgrades and regular and timely security patches, users can ensure consistent and convenient deployment and management of mobile solutions. In this way, users will save time and money in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO) for equipment deployment and maintenance.

In order to ensure that data transmission is as convenient as possible, the key is that the mobile device and the enterprise mobility management (EMM) system can communicate directly and smoothly, which is very important. For mobile devices, this means full certification of EMM system hardware and software support is required. While ecom has passed the Android Enterprise certification, it has also ensured that it obtains the certification of the market-leading device management system. With the right software and applications, companies can achieve full networking without being limited to one technology. Such a solution can centrally manage and protect data and equipment, and is applicable to any infrastructure. Therefore, mobile device management software can add devices faster and connect to the operating system safely and quickly. In addition, applications and operating systems can be installed, updated, and managed automatically.

ecom’s new digital products and services (Digital Products & Services) series can realize the addition, management and real-time monitoring of mobile devices such as Smart-Ex®02. It combines automatic pre-configuration in the device manufacturing process with comprehensive mobile device management and analysis. In this way, mobile devices are not only easy to set up and manage, but they can also be updated at any time, even wirelessly. The historical data 1/2 can be analyzed at any time to reveal processes that are critical to safety. If necessary, the solution can be used as an EMM system, thereby reducing the burden on the IT department and providing higher security during operation.

Thanks to equipment designed for industrial use and company-oriented digital services, mobile devices have become independent Hubs, effectively supporting digitization.Data evaluation becomes faster and easier to use. Therefore, the company can fully understand the procedures and processes and find areas for improvement. At the same time, mobile devices can protect employees even in explosive environments and ensure that they complete their daily tasks.

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With entrepreneurial courage, fearless pioneering spirit and persistent innovative ideas, Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs, the two Pepperl+Fuchs founders, co-founded a radio repair shop in Mannheim in 1945. Many years later, they invented the world’s first proximity switch, which proved their creativity. Pepperl+Fuchs’s close cooperation with customers and its innovative automation technology and procedures have created the starting point of its glorious history. Today, we pay more attention to the individual needs of each customer.

Whether as a pioneer in the field of electrical explosion protection or an innovator in the field of high-efficiency sensors, close cooperation with customers is the reason why we have become a leader in the field of automation. Our goal is to combine our advanced technology and comprehensive services to optimize customer processes and applications.

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