Didi: During the epidemic, if passengers do not wear masks, drivers can refuse to carry

Netease Technology News on March 4, Didi said today that drivers who do not wear masks during the epidemic have the right to refuse the ride (cancel the order). To avoid delays in travel, please be sure to wear a mask when traveling.

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention work, Didi said that it urgently reviewed and launched the rule “Passengers do not wear masks, drivers can cancel without responsibility” on January 25. After a driver refuses to carry a passenger who does not wear a mask, he can be exempted from responsibility by appealing.

Earlier on January 24, Didi also launched the “Control Rules for Drivers Not Wearing Masks”. Through AI face recognition, quality inspection of outbound photos, passenger evaluation and other testing methods, drivers are required to wear masks correctly to serve in strict accordance with the regulations. If this rule is not followed, operations will be suspended.

Since the start of the epidemic prevention response, Didi has introduced five protective measures: “drivers and passengers must wear masks, drivers report body temperature, in-car disinfection and ventilation, and free installation of in-car protective films”, and has established epidemic prevention in 185 cities across the country. The service station provides free protective masks to drivers who stick to the front line of service and provides vehicle disinfection services for drivers.

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