China Mobile Huang Yuhong: The integrated development of space, space and ground has become a 6G consensus

Sina Technology News on the evening of December 4th, China Mobile Research Institute held the “5G + Space-Space Integration Network Technology Seminar” today, inviting experts from various fields of industry-university-research and application of Sky-Ground Communication to discuss the technical system and integration mode of space-space three-dimensional network. , development path and application scenarios and other key issues.

Huang Yuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said: “With the in-depth exploration of industry needs, we found that some industries such as transportation, energy, emergency, etc. have higher requirements for global coverage, safety and reliability, etc., and terrestrial mobile networks need to rely on The technical capabilities of space communication represented by satellites extend the breadth, breadth and depth of information services. At present, the development of space-ground integration has become the consensus of 6G, but we believe that technology integration needs to be practiced in the 5G era and fully realized in the 6G era. .”

Ding Haiyu, director of the Wireless and Terminal Technology Research Institute of China Mobile Research Institute, said that satellite communication networks and terrestrial communication networks have their own advantages. Satellite communication and terrestrial communication complement each other more than competition. China Mobile will actively explore the three-dimensional development system of air, space and ground: the ground network will be the main component, the satellite network will be the supplement, and the HAPS high-altitude platform, ATG, UAV and other technologies will be combined to further enhance the network capability and optimize the service experience.

Wan Yi, deputy director of the Institute of Standards, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, shared his suggestions for the integration of space, space and ground: first, to break through professional barriers, learn from each other’s successful experience, and achieve technology interoperability, business complementarity, talent interaction and industrial chain integration; The commercialization demand is the traction, guiding the system design, and promoting the formulation of standards through demand analysis, scenario definition, and technical index sorting. intellectual property.

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