What are the basic principles and classifications of industrial displacement sensors?

“Physical quantities have been shaping (and reshaping) many industrial applications. Whether it’s length, mass, time, current, or temperature, companies use different fundamental quantities to derive various operational outputs consistent with specific goals. In the search for solutions, unique sensor applications have been selected in terms of time, fidelity, quantity, environment, quality and cost, helping stakeholders […]

Digi-Key Electronics Introduces API Solutions Calculator and eBook to Help You Learn How to Streamline Purchasing and Save Costs

Thief River Falls, USA, Minnesota – Digi-Key Electronics, a global distributor of Electronic components, announced the launch of a free e-book detailing the benefits of importing application programming interface (API) solutions. At the same time, a new ROI calculator was launched to calculate the return on investment that can be obtained by importing the API. […]