How to solve the EMI problem of automobile system

Printed circuit board layout determines the success or failure of all power supplies, determining functionality, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and performance when exposed to heat. Switching power supply layout is not magic, it’s not difficult, but it can often be overlooked in the initial design stage. However, because both functional and EMI requirements must be met, […]

Freshly baked!A solution focused on precision measurement

“Instrumentation amplifiers (IAs) are the workhorse of inspection applications. This article will explore some ways to take advantage of the balance and excellent DC/low frequency common-mode rejection (CMR) characteristics of in-amps, allowing in-amps to be used with resistive sensors (such as strain gauges) that are physically separated from the amplifier. This article will present some […]

Design of LED Display Based on ARM S3C44B0X

“In the development of embedded systems, human-computer interaction is often realized through the keyboard. This article introduces a method of directly utilizing the I/O port of ARM to expand the matrix keyboard. At the same time, taking the TQ2440 development board as an example, the hardware circuit connection and the corresponding linux driver design method […]

ISC 2021 | 360 Government-Enterprise Security Group Ecological Partner Conference Held Emphasizes Building a Capability Ecosystem

On July 28, the 360 ​​Government-Enterprise Security Group Ecological Partner Conference was successfully held at the Beijing National Convention Center. More than a thousand people from all over the country, including government, enterprise and industry leaders, industry leaders, experts and scholars, and ecological partners, gathered together to explore the evolution path of network security ecology […]