ASML appeared at the 4th CIIE to accelerate the development of China’s semiconductor industry with leading lithography technology

November 5th, 2021, Shanghai, China-From November 5th to 10th, ASML, the global leader in chip lithography technology, once again appeared at the 4th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “China Import Expo” ), Booth No. 4.1 A1-001. With the theme of “The future of lithography, hand in hand”, ASML demonstrated the basic principles of the internal modules of the lithography machine in the form of video for the first time on the CIIE platform, and demonstrated the ASML “iron triangle” business-all-round Lithography solutions continue to deliver ASML’s vision of deepening the Chinese market and promoting the common development of China and the global semiconductor industry.

ASML booth ushered in many professional visitors on the first day

In recent years, China’s integrated circuit industry has developed rapidly. In order to focus on the frontiers of the industry, deepen cooperation and open concepts, the technology and equipment exhibition area has set up an integrated circuit area for the first time, and ASML is unveiled in the integrated circuit area. “In recent years, the development of China’s integrated circuit industry has been very strong. The addition of integrated circuit areas will help strengthen exchanges between domestic and foreign integrated circuit industries and contribute to accelerating the construction of a new development pattern.” said Bo Shen, vice president of ASML and president of China “This year is the third time ASML has participated in the CIIE. The CIIE continues to demonstrate China’s determination to continue to expand opening up and promote innovation. ASML has also participated in the CIIE with an open and cooperative attitude. We hope to use The CIIE platform further showcases ASML’s leading lithography solutions and excellent services, deepens cooperation with local customers, grows together with China’s semiconductor industry chain, and cultivates and delivers outstanding talents for China’s semiconductor industry.”

Secret the inner world of the lithography machine for the first time

For a long time, ASML has continuously improved the precision of lithography and promoted the advancement of Moore’s Law. In order to better demonstrate ASML’s leading lithography process, ASML shared the basic principles of the lithography machine for the audience through 3D naked eye video for the first time at this CIIE-the light source is projected to the reticle through the lighting module, and then passes through the reticle On the circuit pattern, the image is focused on the wafer through the projection objective lens.

In addition, ASML also brought the online “following laboratory” to the audience through the H5 game, creating a virtual interactive laboratory for visitors to experience the principle of lithography, so as to experience the immersion lithography system and dual Cutting-edge and cutting-edge lithography technologies such as wafer workbenches.

Showcase the “Iron Triangle” full range of lithography solutions

Since 1984, ASML’s lithography solution has made a huge leap in the tiny world. Through the combination of hardware and software, ASML has proposed a full range of lithography solutions, with advanced control capabilities of the lithography machine, computing Lithography and electron beam measurement, through modeling, simulation, analysis and other technologies, continuously improve the edge positioning accuracy, continue to empower the manufacturing of each generation of chips, and improve the yield and productivity of chip production.

In ASML’s computational lithography solution, machine learning and big data will play a prominent role to achieve high-precision prediction of the entire lithography and measurement process, helping chip manufacturers optimize the manufacturing process, and achieve the highest performance. The measurement and inspection system will quickly measure all data points on the wafer by using multiple electron beams to help chip manufacturers effectively control the chip defect rate.

Promote the semiconductor industry to continuously break through the limits and promote the development of industry talents

In recent years, with the development of 5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the pursuit of smarter, smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient chips has promoted the acceleration of the semiconductor industry. Since providing the first lithography machine to China in 1988, ASML has been deeply connected with China. In 2000, ASML China was formally established. In order to continuously meet the development needs of China’s semiconductor industry and better support and serve local customers, ASML has also started to build local maintenance and software R&D capabilities in the near future.

Shen Bo said: “Semiconductor is a highly globalized industrial chain, and open cooperation is the core industry development concept. ASML’s lithography machine also relies on the global cooperative production of the semiconductor industry. China’s semiconductor industry is entering a new stage of rapid development. , The demand for innovative lithography solutions and talents is increasing day by day.”

As an industry leader, ASML is also accelerating the continuous sharing of experience and cultivating technology R&D talents for the Chinese semiconductor industry. For a long time, ASML has continued to practice corporate social responsibility in China, and has cooperated with public welfare funds to carry out various projects to help train young scientific and technological talents; in 2018, ASML established a global training center in Shanghai to deepen the development of local lithography talents. In 2021, ASML will open a large number of positions for software and hardware talents, covering all business segments of a full range of lithography solutions. Adhering to driving various innovative applications of semiconductors to help solve various challenges in human life, ASML works with industry insiders, customers and industry partners to expand the boundaries of lithography technology and empower humans to achieve a smarter and better life.

About ASML Lithography

ASML, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a global leader in chip manufacturing equipment and a leader in chip lithography technology. Our vision is to drive various applications of semiconductors to help solve various challenges in human life. In order to achieve this goal, we provide innovative products and services to help chip manufacturers continue to shrink chips. We continue to improve the performance of our products to help customers continue to increase the value of chips and reduce costs. We are committed to making chips more powerful and at a more reasonable price, so that semiconductor technology can be more widely used in medical, energy, communications and entertainment related products and services.

For more than 30 years, ASML’s success has come from the leading technology, high-efficiency processes and excellent employees created by close cooperation with customers and suppliers. ASML has offices in 60 cities in 16 countries around the world, with more than 29,000 employees, including more than 1,000 Chinese employees. ASML is a listed company on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in the Netherlands and NASDAQ in the United States.

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