Arvizio launches drone 3D modeling and AR point cloud synchronization solution

Arvizio is a provider of enterprise AR/MR software solutions for 3D visualization and multi-user collaborative experiences. Recently, Arvizio announced the launch of UAV-based 3D modeling and point cloud solutions, and supports multi-user collaboration, bringing multi-person and multi-position 3D synchronization technology into its Immerse 3D solution.

It is understood that this solution can be applied to many fields such as construction, agriculture, infrastructure, mining, public utilities, energy and so on.

Jonathan Reeves, CEO of Arvizio, said: “The price of the data collection aspect of drones is being reflected in the fact that drones can do difficult and complex jobs and provide high-resolution 3D images.

It can provide a combination of visual photogrammetry and LiDAR modeling, and due to the huge amount of data it generates, it is difficult to process and preview on AR glasses or mobile phones and tablets, so Arvizio is rendered through PC, server or cloud virtual machine. , a low-latency network streaming online transmission scheme based on the Immerse 3D platform.

Arvizio’s Immerse 3D solution can combine AR technology with 3D models through LiDAR scanning, enabling their visualization. When combined with Digital Mine, LiDAR scanning enables visualization of geological models of mining operations covering multiple kilometers and layers.

In addition, Immerse 3D complements the Digital Mine platform by adding the ability to enable multi-user, multi-location AR visualization in live web conferencing.

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