Arm SystemReady hits a new milestone, laying a solid foundation for innovation in the data center

[Introduction]Arm® recently released Arm SystemReadyTM has been supported by a wide range of partners in the industry and has issued more than 50 certifications since Arm SystemReadyTM was launched 18 months ago. SystemReady SR certification, becoming the first certified cloud service provider server, and its Azure virtual machine series equipped with Arm architecture Ampere Altra processors is also the first virtual system to obtain the new Arm SystemReady VE (Virtual Environment, virtual environment) certification . In addition, Arm’s ecological performance in China is also outstanding, including Inspur Information, Industrial Fulian, Luen Thai Cluster, Lenovo, Sunsea Fetion, Rockchip and many other chip design, OEM and ODM manufacturers have joined the SystemReady program and certified The scope covers server, 5G network, IoT edge computing and other application products.

The data center is in a booming phase with innovative technologies emerging, and continued industry scaling and innovation requires addressing fragmentation and finding the right balance between practical standardization and critical differentiation. To address this challenge, Arm launched the SystemReady program in 2020, which aims to help software run smoothly and efficiently across the diverse Arm hardware ecosystem through a formal set of computing platform definitions, spanning systems from the cloud to the Internet of Things and the edge. “Start-up”.

Zou Ting, global vice president of Arm’s Infrastructure Business Unit, said: “The Arm SystemReady program has achieved such excellent results in less than two years, which highlights the strong market demand for Arm-based products, especially in cloud services and data centers. In the future, we will continue to work closely with ecological partners to respond to increasingly diverse customer needs by building a standardized approach, and further empower innovative applications in the fields of 5G, data centers and cloud computing.”

Microsoft is driving progress on key standards

Microsoft has been a strong supporter and collaborator of SystemReady, and its SystemReady certification not only demonstrates Microsoft’s leadership in driving standards, but also lays the foundation for many industry players to adopt the SystemReady certification program and ultimately benefit from.

Arun Kishan, Microsoft Technical Fellow and Corporate Vice President, said: “At the heart of the Arm SystemReady compliance certification program is maintaining our and our customers’ investments in the software stack. For Microsoft Azure, SystemReady platform certification means we can easily iterate For customers, SystemReady VR certification means their software investment can also scale across multiple generations of virtual machines. The Arm SystemReady compliance program is an important part of building an innovative and evolving server ecosystem.”

Arm SystemReady hits a new milestone, laying a solid foundation for innovation in the data center

Launched more than 50 certifications in 18 months, Chinese partners actively participated

With SystemReady, Arm architecture-based devices can achieve cross-device interoperability, eliminating maintenance and development costs, providing end users with an out-of-the-box experience and allowing software to run smoothly across the stack. In the 18 months since SystemReady was launched, more than 50 certifications have been issued, of which Chinese partners have also actively participated and have been certified in SystemReady SR/ER/IR specifications.

Zhao Shuai, Deputy General Manager of Inspur Information Server Product Line, said: “We have always been from the perspective of customers, constantly innovating products and technologies, and building a diversified product platform. With the development of Arm architecture in the server field, we We also perceive that customers are paying more and more attention to the portability of the platform and the convenience of cloud application prototypes based on the Arm ecosystem. It can be said that the Arm SystemReady program has helped customers solve this problem very well. Dual-channel cloud certified by SystemReady SR The native open server NF5280R6 computing platform will not only be able to more efficiently meet the diverse needs of customers, but also enable Inspur Information to provide computing power to a wider customer base. In the future, Inspur Information will continue to provide customers and Developers bring more value and innovation to the Arm ecosystem with industry-wide standards.”

Fii said: “Fii’s two mainstream high-performance multi-core cloud servers, R-2110 and R-2211, have obtained Arm SystemReady certification, and these two products will help drive the digital transformation of global cloud service providers and enterprises. We work closely with Arm and are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and further enabling a wide range of application scenarios such as AI/ML, cloud computing, HPC, and big data analysis.”

Miao Yijie, general manager of the Arm business unit of Luen Thai cluster, said, “I am very pleased that the Luen Thai cluster server platform GR2134 and SR223 have passed the SystemReady SR v2.1 and SR 2.2 certification systems respectively, and I am honored to join the big family of Arm SystemReady system partners. Luen Thai Cluster will join hands with Arm and Ampere to provide customers with more computing power and hardware infrastructure from cloud computing to edge computing to apply to more mainstream operating systems and software programs.”

Dr. Li Tong, Chief Researcher of Lenovo Group and Senior Director of Cloud-Network Integration Business Unit, pointed out: “Arm’s innovative architecture of openness, high performance and low power consumption meets our specific needs for cloud-based 5G private networks. The previously launched cloud-based 5G network Both private networking products and Leez edge gateways are Arm SystemReady certified, ensuring interoperability of major operating systems and applications on our devices, reducing additional development and maintenance costs, and facilitating rapid time-to-market.”

Wang Zhengyu, General Manager of Sunsea Fetion said: “Sunsea Fetion’s first L-type base station based on Arm architecture chip has successfully passed the Arm SystemReady test. We also hope to create an advanced and open 5G wireless cloud network based on Arm architecture. Industrial ecological environment, and further build a more intelligent, open, and minimalist 5G private network solution, and contribute to the future development of 5G.”

Chen Xiaodong, head of Rockchip Software Innovation Center, said: “Rockchip RK3399Pro and RK3399, as well as three devices based on these two chips, including Toybrick TB-RK3399ProD, PINE64 ROCKPro64 equipped with RK3399 chip, and Lenovo Leez P710 Gateway have all passed the test. Arm SystemReady certification can speed up the adaptation with the operating system, as well as the transplantation and verification of applications on the operating system, which helps to achieve the expansion of product application fields. In addition, Rockchip has launched a new generation of flagship chips RK3588, RK3588S and its The series of high-performance development boards will also join the relevant certification of the Arm Cassini project, with an octa-core CPU architecture + 6T NPU computing power, enabling various AI scenarios with high computing power requirements, and fully promoting the upgrade of equipment in the edge field of the Internet of Things.”

Continue to promote local landing

Based on the recognition of Arm SystemReady from many partners in the domestic market, Arm plans to work with Arm Technology and partners to provide more local support, including exploring the establishment of Arm SystemReady testing and certification joint laboratories in China. Relying on the rapidly developing infrastructure market in China and many chip and related industry chain companies, SystemReady will serve as an important part of the Arm ecosystem, and will continue to accelerate the deployment of related businesses by partners, help more innovations emerge at the level of ecological co-construction, and then Promote the rapid development of digital economy construction.

About Arm

Arm technology is defining the future of computing. Arm’s low-power processor designs and software platforms are used in advanced computing on more than 225 billion chips, and Arm’s technology securely powers Electronic devices ranging from sensors to smartphones to supercomputing. Arm, together with more than 1,000 technology partners, is making artificial intelligence ubiquitous and laying the foundations of trust in the digital world from chip to cloud in cybersecurity. The Arm architecture is the cornerstone of the future.

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