Advantech Solar Diffusion Furnace System Automation Solution

Project Introduction

Solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal utilization are the most rapidly developing renewable energy technologies in the world in the past ten years. The scale of my country’s photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal utilization has ranked first in the world, but compared with solar low temperature thermal utilization, my country has not yet formed a complete industrial public service support system in solar power generation and medium and high temperature utilization. Compared with the international advanced level, there is still a significant gap. The key technologies and equipment of the industrial chain rely on imports, and the domestic market application scale remains small. In the future development, it is urgent to improve the public service system of the solar energy industry, enhance the ability of independent research and development, master the core technology, support my country’s transformation from a large solar energy industry country to an industrial powerhouse, and form an environment for the development of a virtuous circle of the solar energy industry.

System specification

By means of microwave or radio frequency, the gas ions containing the atoms constituting the film locally form a plasma, and the plasma is chemically active and easy to react to deposit the desired film on the substrate. In order to enable the chemical reaction to proceed at a lower temperature, the activity of the plasma is used to promote the reaction, and this CVD is called plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD).

Advantech’s embedded fanless controller UNO-2170 is used as a data conversion platform to collect signals read from lower-level PLCs and flowmeters, and transmit them to the upper computer for monitoring through Advantech’s EKI-2528. For system problems, Advantech tailors the system and the customer’s corresponding process and PLC related software to ensure the stability of the system.

Project implementation




8-Port Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch


Celeron M1 GHz Universal Network Controller with PC/104 Expansion


17″ industrial grade thin client tablet.


8-Port Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch

System Architecture Diagram

Advantech Solar Diffusion Furnace System Automation Solution

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