3 new payment methods will replace QR code payment

Today, with the continuous development of Internet technology, we have gradually entered the Internet era. The popularity of the Internet has also made mobile payment gradually integrated into our lives and become an inseparable part of our lives. Mobile payment not only saves our time and effort, but also makes our payment more secure.

When it comes to mobile payment, I firmly believe that everyone thinks of Alipay and WeChat payment. Since the two are popular mobile payment methods at this stage, they are everywhere in the streets. Under the leadership of Alipay and WeChat payment, the mobile payment coverage rate in my country has reached more than 70%, and it has become a major mobile payment country.

Whether it is Alipay or WeChat payment, all applications are QR codes. Everyone should know that the technical origin of the QR code is Japan, but when you go to Japan, the QR code does not reflect much economic benefits. It was not until Jack Ma technically applied the QR code to the mobile payment industry that the potential use value of the QR code was best reflected.

Nowadays, QR code payment has become very popular. Everyone only needs to scan the QR code or provide the QR code to make payment. The whole process is very time-saving and labor-saving. However, just when everyone felt that there was no new thing to replace QR code payment, Ma Yun said: “QR code payment is about to be eliminated.” Although many people have raised doubts, with the rise of three new types of payment, Jack Ma predicted that his wish will come true!

The first is to pay with face recognition. Face swiping payment is a new mobile payment method that uses face recognition to make payments. Compared with QR code payment, it saves time and effort. The whole process does not require the use of mobile phones and QR codes, and only needs to face the face. For equipment, then press the reminder to actually operate. At this stage, the mobile payment giants Alipay and WeChat payment have released Dragonfly II and Frog face recognition devices, which have been supported in shopping malls or shopping malls in some big cities. (Alipay opens the payment process by face recognition: Alipay->Me->Settings in the upper right corner->Biometrics->Face recognition settings->Pay with face recognition at the store.)

The second is fingerprint consumption. The basic principle of fingerprint consumption is to associate the customer’s fingerprint data information with the payment account. In the case of payment, you only need to tap the payment device to make the payment. The whole process is also relatively simple and convenient, similar to face payment, all using unique biometrics. In fact, the most used fingerprints are mobile phone opening and password authentication, and everyone should be using them.

The third type is non-inductive payment. At this stage, the key to non-inductive payment is still used in the automobile industry, in underground parking lots, highways and other charging standard venues. The sensorless payment key relies on the big data of the Internet. According to the license plate number of the scanner, the customer information is obtained, and then the money is deducted from the payment account associated with it. The whole payment process is very convenient, which greatly shortens the driving time of motor vehicles, thereby reducing the pressure of traffic travel.

The new payment has changed daily life and has more advantages than QR code payment. I firmly believe that it is only a matter of time before QR code payment will be eliminated. Jack Ma predicted that his wish will be fulfilled!

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