Analysis of a typical high-end patient monitor system solution

“The medical market is generally divided into three subcategories: home, clinical, and imaging. Home healthcare is primarily a portable device with lower cost and lower performance requirements. Clinical and hospital-grade equipment are generally higher performing and therefore more expensive. Imaging systems are typically mainframe-based systems, with the exception of ultrasound, which is rapidly expanding into […]

How to implement the digital transformation of transportation and the coordinated management and control of intelligent vehicles and roads?

Professor Guan Zhichao, an informatization expert from the Ministry of Transport and an industry expert from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will attend the 2020 Global Internet of Things Technology Innovation Summit in person and deliver a keynote speech on “Transportation Digital Transformation and Intelligent Vehicle-Road Collaborative Control”. This summit will be held […]

Since March, the price of resistors has increased by 80%. Yageo responded: determined by market demand

After announcing a 30% price increase for MLCC capacitors in early February, Taiwan’s Yageo Electronics recently announced that its resistor products have also followed suit, with price adjustments starting in March by 70% to 80%, significantly higher than the previously expected 50%. Before February was over, Yageo Electronics raised prices for the two major products, […]

SMIC’s production of 7nm process at the end of the year attracts foreign media attention and Chinese chips are catching up

In the field of semiconductors, although China is the world’s largest market, accounting for about 1/3 of the global share, it is relatively backward in core technology, especially the top semiconductor process, which is basically in the hands of Intel, TSMC, Samsung and other companies. As the largest and most powerful wafer foundry in China, […]