In the new energy vehicle system, whether it is a hybrid (HEV) or an electric vehicle (EV), it is inseparable from the power battery as an energy storage medium. At present, lithium-ion batteries have occupied the leading position of automotive power batteries, in order to achieve longer battery life Mileage usually requires multiple batteries to […]

Imagination launches a new graphics processor IMG A series that can be applied to any scene

Shanghai, China, December 3, 2019-Imagination Technologies announced the launch of its tenth generation PowerVR graphics processing architecture IMG A series (IMG A-Series). As the most powerful graphics processor (GPU) semiconductor intellectual property (IP) product it has ever released, the IMG A series develops and evolves the PowerVR GPU architecture to meet the graphics processing and […]

Imagination announces a new licensing agreement with Apple

According to the new agreement, Apple will be able to use Imagination’s broader intellectual property rights and pay licensing fees. It is worth mentioning that before A11, the GPUs integrated in Apple’s mobile phone processing chips were all designed with technology and IP from Imagination. In 2017, Apple announced that it would abandon all Imagination’s […]

Siemens certifies Aprisa for TSMC 6nm

The Aprisa tools offer gate-level-to-GDSII hierarchical and block level physical implementation. Siemens acquired the Aprisa tools from Avatar Integrated Systems in August 2020 to extend its portfolio of world-class IC EDA software. To achieve this latest certification, the Aprisa tools passed a suite of criteria to confirm that the Siemens place-and-route software is ready for […]

BrainChip receives first batch of Akida chips

BrainChip receives first batch of Akida chips BrainChip, a provider of ultra-low power high performance artificial intelligence technology, has announced that it has received the first batch of Akida chips from its manufacturing run from Socionext America (SNA). Avoiding the shipment challenges currently impacting the wider industry the chips were manufactured at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing […]