Samsung is on fire again this time, and the third-generation HBM2E video memory with a single maximum capacity of 16GB is on the market

A few days ago, Samsung officially announced the launch of the third-generation HBM2 (HBM2E) memory chip called Flashbolt. The third-generation HBM2 memory chip has a maximum capacity of 16GB. It is composed of a 16Gb single die stacked in 8 layers, which can achieve a packaging capacity of 16GB and ensure a stable data transmission […]

The crisis still exists, and the third-generation semiconductor industry may be written into the “14th Five-Year Plan”

Foreword: In the case of the integration of global economic development, the game between the big science and technology countries can easily have a significant impact on the development of the science and technology field. China is planning a comprehensive new set of policies to develop its own semiconductor industry in response to U.S. government […]

Vital sign monitoring technology: monitoring the state of the human body

Vital sign monitoring has moved beyond medical practice and into multiple areas of our daily lives. Initially, vital sign monitoring was performed in hospitals and clinics under strict medical supervision. Advances in microelectronics have lowered the cost of monitoring systems, making these technologies more pervasive and ubiquitous in areas such as telemedicine, sports, fitness and […]